Friday, 30 March 2012

Butterfly delight

More sunflowers today but the focus is this time on the butterfly who is posing patiently for me long enough to go inside grab my camera and make a picture.

When you come to the end of all the light you know, and it's time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: Either you will be given something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly.   Edward Teller
Just when the catterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly. Proverb

I love butterflies because they are beautiful but also because of their symbolic meaning.The most significant thing about butterflies is that they go through an enormous change. They transform inside the chrysalis where new genes are turned on which changes their form from an earthy caterpillar into a free flying colourful butterfly. 

 The Greek word Psyche means both butterfly and soul. I think inside our soul rest the secret of who we are. We are already perfect just like the butterfly. We don’t know that and look to the outside world of how to be and how to behave. It can take us a lifetime to find out what our passions and strength are.

 For years we can run after shallow ideals to become rich and powerful only to find out that we were chasing some ghosts. We really want to be loved and respected. When we discover our passion, enjoy life and send out ripples of love we will move towards becoming a butterfly. We need to believe that we already possess the genes to become a butterfly. We just have to turn them on by following our intuition.
We change all the time but significant changes are rare.  We too can experience a transformation from a sudden insight when somebody turns  our light on inside or when we discover one day what our passion is, when we learn that love is the most important thing in the world whatever we do. The hard work becomes a game. Sometimes we have to bump our head many times and sink deep before we learn the right lessons, before we are able to make that important change.
When we are lucky to go through a transformation and become a butterfly we must remember that we were once a caterpillar and respect that stage of life in others as well. Only then we can show our full colours


  1. Lessons for a lifetime, Marja.

  2. Beautiful photos and thoughts, Marja. I've been trying to snap a monarch for the last 2 weeks without success, so I appreciate what you have done.

  3. No credit for me Juliet I always wonder how people catch butterflies and birds as I never seem to catch them. This time he was just sitting there patiently. My live was in a turmoil and this just worked out. Live is full of surprises

  4. Hi Marja .. I hope things are easier now - what you've written here my mother would have loved to hear about .. and still might, but it's getting the computer to the bedside when she's awake - and unfortunately that's not the easiest thing to do.

    She enjoys intelligent aspects, but as importantly she enjoys her peace and quiet, without too much 'doing' ... she sleeps though or dozes a fair amount ..

    She loves butterflies though -

    Thinking of you .. cheers Hilary

  5. Marja, What a wonderful Post.. Butterflies are just so beautiful and to me they mean all the things you just said about Transformation.
    Wonderful Photo's, and here in the UK with very Hot Spring weather like some of our Summer days here, the butterflies too are out early.. Though I do worry as I feel we could get a cold snap and then that could affect much of the wild life which has warmed up with this early extra warm Spring..
    Hope all is well with you and yours My friend.. and thank you for your continued visits.. Love and Blessings to you.... Hugs... ~Sue xxx

  6. Sometimes we have to bump our head many times...

    That is me! There is damage though, to the things I run into.

  7. Marja I loved the Butterfly exhibition we saw in the City Museum when I was visiting in February. Having them land on my hand and stay there a while was a wondrous sensation.

    Excellent piece of writing my friend, so many positive thoughts and great quotes.

    Take care, big hugs
    Peggy xxxxxxx

  8. You have well trained butterflies there. Whenever I get my camera they flit off. Great captures. A good piece of philosophy there too.

  9. Are these Monarchs? I have been teaching the kids.

  10. Very beautiful photos and thoughts,dear Marja!


  11. Wat een mooie foto's Marja! Goed getimed!
    Niet alleen van dit prachtige elegante diertje, die een behoorlijke metamorfose heeft ondergaan (voor dit insect heb ik,
    samen met volgens mij meerdere mensen,ook een zwak).
    Ik ben al meerdere keren naar de vlindertuin in Emmen geweest,
    bijzonder mooi om deze vliegende beauty's te zien!
    Mocht je weer eens in Nederland vertoeven, is dit beslist een aanrader.

    Maar ook van deze gave krachtige zonnige-bloemen. Van deze planten (de "Lemon Queen"),
    een vaste zonnebloemen-soort die we speciaal in Maastricht gehaald hebben en die het hier gelukkig goed doen..,
    groeien er een behoorlijk aantal in onze tuin.

    Groetjes Eef ;D


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