Sunday, 18 March 2012

Lyttelton to Diamond harbour

In Christchurch new buildings, new websites new everything is popping up. One of the new Christchurch websites is called therefore Popup city Christchurch The website shows things to do, new places to visit etc. From this site we got the idea to take the ferry to Diamond Harbour. We have done this many times before but haven't done that since the earthquakes as our beloved Godley House cafe , which was the landmark of Diamond Harbour,has been equalised with the ground. But the weather was gorgeous today and we felt like going for a walk in a different place.

Where the buildings have gone in Lyttelton a container cafe appeared

Waiting at the boat stop

The tug "lyttelton" is preparing hours in advance for a trip.

Leaving Lyttelton harbour

Arriving at Diamond harbour

We went for an hours walk along the coastal track
When arriving back at Lyttelton we had a muffin and a delicious organic drink at this make shift cafe. The cafe appeared thanks to the wire 8 attitude of the kiwies. In 1963 wire 8 was imported to New Zealand and used by the farmers for fencing. It was also used for heaps of other tasks and since then it is a symbol of kiwi ingenuity and self-sufficiency. They say the only thing kiwies need is a piece of wire 8.


  1. Love seeing the photos of your trip. The sunshine looks lovely. We are still having lots of rain and cold for March, unusual. My daughter is doing better after surgery and recuperating. Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. That looks like a perfect trip to see a long-lost friendly cafe!

  3. Hi Marja .. what a glorious trip - and you must see so much change after the earthquake .. but glad the Kiwi ingenuity is being employed in many ways ..

    Have a good week -cheers Hilary

  4. I really like the fact that while the cafe is made of shipping containers - they still have hand pulled real arm. After all, priorities are priorities!

    Stewart M - Australia

  5. Amsterdam wacht op je maar daar is het ook mooi zie ik.

  6. We went for an hours walk along the coastal track

    Once again your pictures look like a preview of heaven.

  7. What a magical trip - going by boat is always special and it sounds as if you had great weather for your walk.

  8. Marja, Do you know if that motel I stayed at during my visit is still standing?

    What beautful pictures!

  9. Love how your beloved city is resurrecting. Those container businesses are cool.

  10. Love the way you have presented your photos in this post Marja.
    Lyttelton really touched my heart and soul before the earthquake and even more so after the earthquake.
    Diamond Harbour looks lovely too.
    Take care dear friend.
    Peggy xxxxxx

  11. Prachtige photos,Marja!I find the idea of shipping containers really good!

  12. So they really used the containers to build the city? When my daughter was in Singapore, once she studied in a container. They had to fix an air conditioner.

    We are renovating. They call it prefab. Looks like containers to me.

  13. I like the picture of you waiting to catch a ride over the waters. There is a sense that you are about to have a fun new adventure! I wish you many joyful experiences in your current journey. :)


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