Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Willowman

The most exciting part of the Floriade (see last post) in Holland, is the sculptures and cradles made from willow branches. They are in a little wonderland hidden in the forest of the Floriade.The land of the willowman. The willowman, Will Beckers, lives here and works on his art at daytime.
 Here some exciting art work of The willowman

Walking through the forest on the Floriade, suddenly there is this tunnel. Of course the child in me can't resist to explore this exciting pathway.
Part of the tunnel is full of nest like artwork with wishes for nature made by the children who learn from the willowman all about it and help him build some of the stuctures and some of the artwork .

The legs of these trousers contain vegetables, like lettuce and tomatoes

The pantihoses, which hang from the craddle, contain seeds. The seeds are manured by the animals who live in the craddle, and lateron the animals will eat the vegies and the circle is round.

And then we arrived at the centre of the trolls in willowland. The right one is the hut of the chief troll. No? oh eh I think the willowman lives in these?

Wonderfull to be craddled like that

Standing on his backpaws this cuty looked at me over the edge of the willow brances. I came closer to admire him as he moved away.

This dove has his own flat in willow land

Will Beckers - Land Art Artist - The Willowman from will beckers on Vimeo.


  1. That is simply incredible! I didn't know it existed. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great place! I didn't know about this either - Thanks so much for sharing, and I hope your trip to NL has been wonderful :-)

  3. How interesting, wow, marvellous! Great post! Ha...I'm just looking at know...the things that people do...! Good stuff!

  4. What an interesting post - these are great looking structures.

    If the truth be told the sound of rustling snakes in my blog may have been a touch of an exaggeration - but we did find some tree snakes later in the week! The rain for the time of year was considered a bit strange - but it was not cold, so we just got on with things.

    Cheers and thank you the comment.

    Stewart M

  5. The Willowman is very creative indeed! I enjoyed seeing your foto's!

  6. Marja, this was a delightful journey upon your travels, and I so enjoyed the video too..
    Hope you are well rested now.. Sending you some love and Light from a sunnier England today..

  7. Arrgh you may have 3 comments or none at all, as Im not getting the approved sign..
    So I will try again my friend

    Love your wonderful Photos of this Magical place.. I just love Woodland.. be well my dear Marja and thank you for sharing your journey.. Love Sue xx

  8. Very nice! Its looks like an awesome place.

  9. What an unusual concept. Very interesting. The things people think up. it must have been a fun day.

  10. Hij maakt wel bijzondere dingen, leuk om te zien.

  11. Oh, I never knew there was such a place! I adore this forest. And what an imaginative person this willowman seems to be. The photo of you there is wonderful … I can certainly see why you were enchanted by the place.

  12. I really enjoyed this set of photos. I think I would be enchanted by the place.

  13. I have never, ever seen anything like this, Marja. He was an original. No question.

  14. What a great place and very interesting,Marja!

  15. Hi Marja,
    My friend visited this and was overwhelmed by the creations of the willowman.
    How wonderful you saw it!
    I still have to read back in your blog to read about your stay in Holland.
    Happy day!


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