Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Floriade in Venlo

In Holland we went to the World Horticultural Expo. It is a ten yearly event which is held every time in a different place. This year it is in Venlo, only half an hour drive fom my hometown. It covers 55 hectare and is divided in five areas.
It is about flowers, plants, vegetables.It is about the environment. I loved the flower art. Many different countries participate.  Every country has their own "house" where they sell souveniers. The house is surrounded by a garden typical for their country. So much to see, it is a delight. Underneath a little impression of this fantastic place. I will do a separate post on the willowman in the Floriade.

The entrance wriggles like a snake to the land of flowers
Wouldn't that be nice in your garden 
A feast for the eyes
dangling beauties
Showtime in front of Villa Flora

Gracious steps

A huge pretty couple

An overview a a part of the Floriade from the cable car


  1. Hee dat is grappig dat jij daar al geweest bent. Staat nog op mijn lijstje, maar voor ons is het wat verder weg.

  2. Wouldn't that be nice in your garden

    My wife keeps coming up very grandiose plans for a backward garden. I generally hide or play sick when she does and pray her urge goes away quickly.

  3. lovely and fasinating pictures,thanks for sharing.

  4. Hoi Marja,
    dus je hebt je vakantie in Nederland alweer achter de rug? Heb je het leuk gehad? De Floriade ziet er fantastisch uit. Bijna on-Nederlands, zo professioneel en prachtig aangelegd allemaal.

    groetjes, Carolina

  5. This is so cool!!!
    I'd never heard of this place - Not until now. One day, when I make a return to NL, I hope to pass through Venlo & see what you've shared here. Goede reis!

  6. Oh Splendid! Having a GREAT time on your site! Thanks for letting the pictures speak, I'm loving it, look at the rocks! And the architecture is beautiful! And, and, and....

  7. Wonderful,Marja! I didn't know that this was going on! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wonderful and creative place,Marja!I would love to visiting it when I am there!Oh I wish I could spend finally again some days vacation in my beloved colourful Nederlands again!It´s already so long time away since I was there!



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