Friday, 22 March 2013

Living a dream

People who know me longer than today know that I love kids. They are hard work but most of all they are an inspiration and a joy. I believe that most kids are good kids. When they aren't there is usually something going on. They ask for negative attention because they didn't get enough positive attention in life, and any attention is better than non.

They might play up because they had bad experiences or have learning disabilities etc. If you believe in them however and give them an encouraging environment they will amaze you. Their honesty and directness and their unbundled energy, creativity and imagination is a pleasure.
The kid and dad in the video underneath is a great example of a kid living his dreams and I just love it.

If only we all could live our dreams. To live our dreams I think we should first dare to dream. Don't think of anything being impossible, just enjoy dreaming away and let your inner child do the work. Remember the last time you were excited and forgot about your worries. What were you doing. When was it when you completely lost yourself, because you were engaged in something you liked doing.

Next do it. Like the child in the video, just start with what you have. Do it on a small scale in the time you have. As long as you love it than it will grow. Do you enjoy building something or writing a story? Keep on doing it, you will grow and become better at it. Get inspired and eventually others will be inspired but even when you just get to do what you love than it doesn't matter in what stage you are or how you do it.

I am lucky to work on a dream. We started a Free club where kids can develop creativity and computer skills. It is growing slowly but it is a delight to see the kids enjoying themselves. We are learning alongside the kids and it is so much fun. It will take time but the following quote says: "Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway" Earl Nightingale


  1. Watching that video remined me of the forts I built was huge cardboard boxes I got from a furniture store.

    It was awesome, several times my friends and I came close to building a small town in our backyards.

    A rainy day would always come by that time ending our fun.

  2. Kids have so much creativity and imagination. Nice to develope that.
    Nog bedankt voor je belangstelling, ik ben weer in orde dankzij medicijnen die goed helpen. Verder mankeer ik gelukkig niets.

  3. Marja, this is an inspiring post, We should all take a leaf out of our children's books.. Children live in the NOW moment, enjoying life waking up full of life and joy...
    What you are doing is also an inspiration in creating a safe happy environment where children can learn and play and develop their skills..

    Lets hope that we can never let go of our Dreams Marja, for they are the creations of our Future..
    Love to you my friend..
    Hugs Sue

  4. I am so glad that I watched the entire film you provided. This is such a heartwarming story about a creative little boy who knows how to work hard while having lots fun. Boxes are very underrated as playthings but I can recall my daughter making a secret hideout and dollhouses from boxes. Sounds like you have embarked on a great creative project yourself with this free club for kids. I am looking forward to hearing more about it as time goes on and the dream is more realized. :)

  5. What a wonderful video! It has everything you need for a happy ending. Great Dad!

  6. That video is just amazing!~ Thank you Marja, and good luck with your own enterprise.

  7. Wonderful video,Marja!Great work and good luck!
    Your blogpost is really good!

  8. I have seen that video before, but it was certainly worth another viewing.

    Keeping our dreams alive is probably the most challenging thing to do.

    The quote you added is very pertinent to this post! We may as well use our time to accomplish our dreams even if it takes a lifetime.

    I feel very blessed to be working on my dream like you are. My Foundation is slowly finding funds for me to distribute and doors keep opening.

    Fabulous post my friend!
    As always big heart hugs.
    Peggy xxxx


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