Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Awaken by Ralph S. Marston, Jr

Beauty to touch the soul, raise the spirits, cushion the mind, release the butterflies in the field of hopes and dreams. Thank you for this present I gently bumped into today :)

Lake Tekapo
by Ralph S. Marston, Jr.
In your life
A new day is dawning
Awaken and touch the beauty

Wherever you've come from
Whatever you've been
New possibilities beckon
Right here and now
Awaken and make them real
There was a time when you held in your heart
The most magnificent of dreams
A time when life seemed to carry
Endless promises and possibilities
Those dreams are still with you
Awaken and bring them to life
What you long for
Is longing for you
What you dream of
Is what you are meant to create
The doubts you have exist only in your mind
The anxieties that seem so burdensome are of your own making
Now is the moment to awaken,
and allow those doubts to melt away
Awaken, and dive deeply into the beauty of this moment
Allow your spirit to fully experience the richness of it all
Allow peace to fill you completely
Let it touch your deepest longings
Let it bring those longings to life
Your most treasured possibilities are real,
If you will simply let them live through you
Awaken to this moment, and life begins anew
Reach inside, and allow
your most treasured
dreams to awaken with you
Into a bright and shining new day
Remind yourself again and again
Of how beautiful life can be
Remind yourself again and again
That you can make it so
Step boldly and lovingly forward
Into this day
You've already come
So very far
You're stronger, more experienced
and more determined than ever

To fulfill those longings
That tell you who you are
Now is your moment to create real meaning
Now is your moment to awaken
And to truly and fully live


  1. Wow, that is a beautiful picture.

  2. The poem and photo of endless lupins remind me that abundance and possibilities are everywhere in this world yet how easily we can scatter seeds of limitation with pessimistic thinking. I suppose it all starts from within. As Albert Einstein said, “Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift."

  3. ...Now is your moment to create real meaning
    Now is your moment to awaken
    And to truly and fully live...

    I guess it's my age but I am finding more and more circumstance and obligations often make that very hard.

  4. Thanks biebkriebels I went there with my youngest brother last summer

    well expressed Penelope, which means I guess that our greatest battle is with ourselves not the world Love the quote Einstein was a wise man

    What ashame Beach We can realise a little bit of dream though and than it can just grow

  5. Stunning photo Marja!
    Followed by one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read.
    Bless you dear friend.
    Big heart hugs
    Peggy ♥♥♥

  6. Thanks Peggy That's exactly what I thought when I read it. Arohanui

  7. Wonderful photo and poem,Marja!


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