Sunday, 7 April 2013

Yeah my daughter is home

Yeah reunited It is a feast to spend some time with my 20 year old daughter who studies fine arts in Wellington, which she fully enjoys. She is home for a week.

We went to the pallet pavilion which is a project of gap filler. Gap filler uses vacant sites waiting for redevelopment and fills them up to entertain the public. The girl on the right is waiting for her performance. She is a marvellous singer and went to Unlimited school in the past.

We walked through the city. One building left on Hereford Street

Another part of the city centre opened up. This shop is frozen in time. Everything is still like it was on 22 February 2011 with "fresh" baking from that day.
My daughter contemplating on the site where Northern Tower (Unlimited School) used to be.
"The place where I was formed" she says
Residential redevelopment and repair of Christchurch is in full swing. An estimate of 15000 skilled workers from Brittain and Ireland  flocked to Christchurch to help in the rebuild.  This adds to the current housing market problems. Rental property prices are going through the roof.  As a result an increasing number of people live in their cars.


  1. My son is 17 and will be leaving for college around August of 2014, can't imagine what it is going to be like with him out of the house.

  2. Such an interesting post, Marja, and what a joy it must be to see your lovely daughter! I think the gap filler is a brilliant idea and speaks to the creativity and resilience of mankind. The sky-high rentals is something people in Vancouver, BC, might relate to, although due to different reasons. Seems to me there really is no excuse for increasing rents during periods of crisis and rebuilding. I hope they will be able to keep some of the broken buildings intact so future generations can see the extent of what happened.

  3. I'm so happy for you that you have some time with your daughter. Thanks for the update on the places you visited.

  4. Oh lucky you, having time with your daughter. My girl has been home from university for the Easter hols but she has spent the WHOLE time studying for her finals, so I have hardly seen her.... and she goes back in a few days

  5. Hi Marja ... loved yesterday's flower and quote - an Aquilegia I think!

    How wonderful to have your daughter home - and what a great degree she's taking ... I love the photos ..

    .. and the update on Christchurch and its rebuilding etc .. thanks for the variety of photos ..

    Cheers Hilary

  6. I am so happy for you Marja that your beautiful daughter is visiting, even if it is only for a week.
    You look like you are spending some wonderful quality time together.
    I love what the Gap Fillers are achieving. When I visit Christchurch I always do the rounds of the gap filler projects. They are so uplifting.

    It must have been sad going back to the Unlimited School site. I love her words "the place where I was formed"......words straight from the heart.

    Keep shining my dear friend.
    Hugs always
    Peggy ♥♥♥

  7. So nice to have your daughter around for a while again. The devastations of the earthquake are still very visible. You never hear something about it here anymore.

  8. What a nice treat for you and your daughter to have a week's visit together.

    I can relate to the housing prices. It is difficult when so many have no affordable home.

  9. Very nice post,Marja!It´s great to hear that your daughter is for one week at home.I can understand you that you miss her!Your daughter lokks very pretty!

  10. Lovely to have your daughter home even if only for a short time. It is good to hear that Christchurch is getting back on its feet. It still must be terribly sad for you all as the photo of your daughter on the empty school block portrays.


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