Wednesday, 3 April 2013


In 1862 about 113 kg of gold was found in the arrow river. The population grew quickly and attracted first European and than Chinese gold diggers. Pioneers started shops and Hotels which still can be seen today as Arrowtown has grown in a little museum. The buildings contain shops now and there is a walkway along the small Chinese cottages.

Next to the parking is the river. The autumn colours start to appear

I could restrain to buy something here but I had to take a picture of these treats

 The old cottages in the centre of town are now inhabited by shops

 Lots of history
Yes autumn is definitely on its way In one month's time Arrowtown is all red and yellow


  1. Grappig te zien dat jullie herfst begint, wij zitten te snakken naar lente. Leuk plaatsje met de huisjes. Snoepjes in glazen potten heb ik al lang niet meer gezien.

  2. Great photos from the old gold-town!

    Thank you for comments om my blog!
    Yes I am Swedish But i live in Finland too Some of the photos come from Finland and some from Sweden...or abroad :)

  3. A couple of weeks ago my daughter got confused in science class on how the seasons are reversed for the North and South hemispheres. I think I cleared it up for her but I remember being the same way when I was in the fifth grade.

  4. Hi Marja .. when I was in South Africa I lived in an old railway labourers cottage .. similar to the white doored one (2nd last picture) .. it had a tin roof ... and tin walls infilled with plaster or something ... !! It was sweet and had a wall round it with a pomegranate tree, peach and lemon tree .. so tiny it might be - but quite prolific ..

    I love the name Arrowtown - gosh I hope we have some sun and green!!

    Cheers for now .. Hilary

  5. What a charming village! The colorful jars of jellybeans caught my eye and I don’t know if I could have resisted purchasing a bunch. Also the tree-lined street beside the cottages seems to take us back to another more peaceful era. Nice that you were able to get away for a holiday, Marja!

  6. Autumn is my favourite time of year, mainly because of the vivid colours nature displays.
    What delightful photos you have shot Marja.
    Take care
    Peggy xxxx

  7. Very beautiful photos and interesting post,Marja!


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