Saturday, 22 June 2013

Flooding in Christchurch

Fantastic news: My husband received the results from the biopsy. It says No signs of cancer. A stone fell of our shoulders. It was some rare condition which is treatable. We celebrated with cake and wine. I am allowed one glass.

We are now focussed on the heavy rainfall which has caused severe problems for many people as  gardens and roads are flooded.

It has been raining all week. On Wednesday they predicted the worst snowstorm ever. They also predicted 6 degrees Celsius. Snow will not form if the ground temperature is about 5 degrees Celsius so I was not too worried. The people here are not used to snow so they ran to the shops and stocked their cupboards with groceries. When I went to the supermarket after work, bread and milk were sold out.  The snow storm was supposed to come on Thursday night and than postponed till Friday. On Friday the roads were deserted. There was a lot of snow in the rest of the South  Island. Tekapo was snowed in and closed off from the world for 48 hours.
Christchurch  had only sleet snow. I talked to a man from Romania. He said " In my  country there is snow for 3 months and life goes on. Here all the schools close and life stops, because people are not prepared for it"
Some schools had to close this time though because of the flooding. Only 40% of  storm water drainage pipes and 25% of waste water pipes have been fixed since the earth quake. This intensified the problems.

I went out this morning and the roads were full of holes and many were flooded. I drove home over Hendersons Road, which is close to us and I nearly got stuck as the water was knee deep and the car protested but luckily it kept slowly moving forwards.
The Avon river already flooded the roads but the Heathcote river is not far off as you see on the pictures below. Tomorrow it might get a bit better.

The banks of the Heathcote river overflown

Heathcote river
A day after the rains: Hoon Hay flooded


  1. Gefeliciteerd met het goede nieuws. Wat het weer betreft, het lijkt wel of de aarde helemaal van slag is. Overal is er ellende met water of wind en aardbevingen. De wateroverlast in Europa is ook overal, regen komt met bakken uit de lucht.

  2. Oh, that is good news indeed!

    Hope the flooding isn't causing too many problems.

  3. Hi Marja .. I'm so pleased at the good news - that must be one huge relief.

    The weather everywhere is awful .. floods in the Himalayas in India, floods in Calgary (both rivers converging and breaching), we had snow in Scotland last week, major flooding in Eastern Europe a couple of weeks ago .. terrible!

    I do hope you and everyone is kept safe and with thoughts for the clear up ..

    However your hubby's news is the best .. happy weekend .. Hilary

  4. You must feel over the moon after learning about your husband’s non-cancerous diagnosis!

    So sorry to hear of the floods in NZ. Floods are raging in strange places. Alberta, Canada, is also experiencing massive floods with rivers overflowing into streets and buildings. Weather patterns seem more dramatic everywhere and tend to exceed the expectations of engineers in charge of the plumbing.

  5. Great medical news!

    As for the flooding, take care.

  6. So glad that the news is good for Hubby! in the US, impending storms have stores run out of milk, bread and beer! Stay dry :)

  7. Wat fijn dat je goed nieuws hebt . Een hele geruststelling!
    Ik wist niet dat jullie ook zoveel regen hebben gehad. Het weer is overal in de wereld van slag. Overstromingen in Duitsland, Canada, India. Wij hebben een koude zomer en 's avonds vaak de kachel nog aan.
    Bedankt voor je bezoek. De vacht van de wombats is als dat van een hond. Wombats graven veel en leven in holen, dus hun vacht is tamelijk ruw. Maar het zijn wel grappige dieren hè?!
    Wil, Abcw team.

  8. I'm so glad to hear of this good news Marja! I'm sure you can cope with floods and snow after hearing news like that.

  9. Marja, I am delighted to hear your news about your Hubby... Whoohoo! I feel like a glass of wine to celebrate myself..

    The rains and bad weather are causing many disasters around the world Marja .. So glad your vehicle didn't get stuck... I hope that you will soon get some dryer days.. and it settles very soon...

    Much love to you and Many thanks for your recent visit..

    I enjoyed a nice break away for a few days on the East coast of the UK.. and we managed to not have rain.. only on the day of our returning home...

    Love to you.. Sue xxx

  10. Wat goed nieuws om te lezen! Maakt m'n dag weer goed! :) :)

  11. Wat goed nieuws om te lezen! Maakt m'n dag weer goed! :) :)

  12. Great news of your husband!!!Really good to hear,Marja!
    This year is a year of floodings-I think!We had here in May/June also a big flooding along the Elbe river!Many peoples lost their houses.
    Take care,Marja!


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