Saturday, 20 July 2013

Mother and daughter

I was playing with the graphic design software to learn some new tricks.
I pasted an old photo of me and my mum next to my daughter. My mum is very pixelated as the photo was tiny. I know with "Gaussian blur" you could do something about it but I didn't have the patients.
I actually just wanted to see how much we looked alike at similar ages. I discover more often that my daughter and me are alike. Last week, the last day before she went back to Wellington my husband was out. So no TV as we both dislike it and music on. She started dancing on old disco like "We are family and boogie wonderland" and I joined in. She is a great dancer and even won the title best dancer at the pram at high school. I am not bad myself and we both love it. We had great fun although I had a bad back for a couple of days. lol
Mayke is artistic and she writes poetry. I love both as well but she is far better than me. My mum actually never did anything arty but she is a good writer. She only used it professionally.
All three of us are strong willed,  hard working, independent thinkers  and drama queens.
Both my mum and my daughter are far more mature than I was in my early twenties. My daughter is already quite philosophical, is all about sustainability etc. which gained my interest at middle age.
Like me and my mum she dislikes housekeeping and loves food. We always have lunch together when she is in Christchurch. Oh I miss her already.


  1. What fun you've been having with the graphic design. It's so fascinating seeing the photos juxtaposed like that, and to hear of the likenesses. The doodle is gorgeous so brightly coloured.

  2. What a nice picture of the three of you. It is fun to experience with photos. The droodle is fun too.

  3. Hi Marja - that's very clever and really rather fun to look at - I hope you've kept it for Mayke ...

    What fun - I hope I'll get into doing a few things like this - but first must get my projects sorted! Photos come later ...

    PS I looked like my mother - everyone said you look exactly like her!! Good thing too!

    Cheers Hilary

  4. Lovely creation, I like it, great!

  5. Very nice to see the three of you together. You sound as if you're typically Dutch in your outlooks. My family are similar, without being drama queens or kings! We are stubborn and opinionated etc.
    Love the graphic.

  6. Surely mother and daughters share similar traits. I think we inherit more than we realize and perhaps suspect or hope that the newer model is a smarter brighter version of what had gone on before. :)

  7. A beautiful family!
    I can just see you dancing to that song, I too love to dance!

    It's nice to get to know about your family.

    Take care, Marja.

  8. do you remember that we danced together in the irish pub, the Bog, in christchurch. we had a great time. I love dancing too as you know. in the early days mother loved to dance with me too so that is something you three have similar. nice picture you made of you three together.

  9. What a great photo;Marja!It´s always interesting to see which things are similar between Moms and daughters in different ages.
    Nice post!


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