Sunday, 28 July 2013

A wonderful winter day

On this beautiful winter day we had a drive around Lyttelton Harbour

William inspects the water of Lyttelton Harbour, an inlet in banks Peninsula

View on Charteris bay

The new Godley café next to where the Godley House used to be in Diamond harbour

This is called the toast rack by the locals, located at Purau bay

A little church (1868) in Rapaki Bay. In the background we heard beautiful singing from the people at the Marae (communal place). Rapaki Bay always has been occupied by the Ngai Tahu Maori tribe

jetti at Rapaki bay

A special effect created by smoke of an open fire


  1. Beautiful photos; it all looks so serene.

  2. Hi Marja .. what a beautiful place - loved seeing the photos of the area.

    I knew where it was because of Joseph Banks, the botanist, as Cook named this area of NZ after him ..

    Love the toast rack - aren't they fun .. and the little church .. it looks similar to some in South Africa ..

    Great fun - and so lovely that I can't believe it's cold! Cheers Hilary

  3. Dat ziet er zo mooi uit met de bergen op de achtergrond.

  4. It all looks so peaceful and majestic.

  5. Thanks for sharing your wonderful winter day!
    The pictures are also wonderful!

    Take care, Marja.

  6. I love the “toast rack” … it made for a fantastic shot, didn’t it? This is not a winter that many of us around the world experience … so mellow, so crystal clear and so seemingly warm in the sunny spots!

  7. Marja, what a wonderful Day,,, Looks gorgeous... And the water looks so inviting.. Love the smoke effect too. And that little church..

    We are having a great Summer although this past week lots of heavy rain with thunder storms, but the garden needed that..
    Thank you so much for dropping in, Always look forward to your visits..
    Love Sue xxx

  8. Lovely post and photos.. You have winter and I have summer but we will soon turn about LOL

  9. Absolutely beautiful photos. Thanks so much for sharing. I so missed you when you were away but am glad you are back. Hope you and your husband are staying well. Take care.

  10. I hope the open fire smoke doesn't come from the toast rack!! Marvellous reflections!!

  11. Amazing photos. Especially the first and the last.

  12. Stunning photos - love that last one.

  13. WOW!Marja-wonderful photos of stunning landscape!Simple fantastic!


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