Saturday, 28 September 2013

Daylight saving

Tonight we are going to move the clock an hour forwards, so we have an hour more light at night. I love it as the day just feels so much longer and we can go for little walks at night. It will be harder to get up an hour earlier though.
A note for my family and friends in Holland: From tomorrow we will be 11 hours ahead in time. It will become easier after 27 October 2013, when the clock goes backwards in Holland than there will be exactly 12 hour difference.

The first one to propose daylight saving was entomologist George Vernon Hudson. He would like to collect more bugs after hours and presented a paper in Wellington in 1895 and followed it up with another one after considerable interest came from Christchurch.

I had a nice walk and lunch with one of my best friends. She is going to her family in Atlanta for a few months but will be back by the end of the year. On our walk I shot this picture. The walkway reminded me a bit of home as it was all flatland and cows and horses were grazing in the paddocks.

My husband did a lot of gardening lately and as you see it is looking great.
Today we bought some pots and flowers. I can't wait till they all come up.


  1. Yes, your garden is looking so nice!

    As for changing times, when Hubby and I were sending IM's before I moved, it was terrible trying to keep track of each other's time!

  2. I would like our clock changed now too. It is so dark in the morning, but I see we have to wait almost a month! Your garden look very nice.

  3. gek hè
    helemaal aan de andere kant van de wereld
    nice story about the daylight inventor...

  4. Your husband did a great job … the garden does look fantastic, Marja. I, too, like the longer daylight hours. In my part of the world the clock will turn in the opposite direction come November. But even in early autumn (as it is now) the daylight hours suddenly become shorter even without manipulating time. The truth is that many people find these yearly time changes quite dreary and no longer useful to society.

  5. Hoi Marja! Mooie tuin. Spring time for you, fall (autumn) here on the other side of the world.

  6. We're suppose to go to Daylight Savings time some time as well. I keep losing track of the date.

  7. no 3 mounths anymore and then I will come again and will enjoy your garden and all the beautifull nature of New Zealand. Time is running fast so I am looking forward to my sixt visit and I am sure that we will have a great time again.

  8. The garden looks really great!

    It is a great feeling to watch plants grow, buds appearing and then blooming slowly and imperceptibly but surely!!!

  9. The flowers in your yard are amazing to say the very least. The kind of yard I always hoped to have but between work and my lack of energy, it has never happened. Thank you for sharing it here. We will turn the clocks back before long here. It seems in the Spring we just turned them forward. :)

  10. We too will soon be changing our clocks but we move ours back an hour and hence our days will be much shorter.
    I don't like that as it will be dark at 5:30 pm.

    Your garden kooks wonderful :)
    We picked the last of our tomatoes today, we had an abundance of them this year.
    I look forward to gardening again next spring.

    Take care and enjoy the longer days !

  11. Hi Marja .. yes we've a month to wait before our clocks go back (up here!) ..

    Love your photos - the grazing horses and cows ... while your garden photos look wonderful - Spring bulbs abounding soon ...

    Today - it is blissful - warm sun ... cheers Hilary

  12. A beautiful garden. I wish I could get TOH into the garden but he keeps busy in the kitchen while I do the garden.

  13. Your garden looks full of life. I had no idea that the proposal for daylight saving went back so far! it's nice to have the extra light in the evenings.

  14. I love daylight saving too Marja although like you said in the early stages it makes getting up a little difficult in the morning, but certainly the rewards of evening strolls outweigh the early start.
    I also enjoyed reading a little history about daylight saving.

    Your garden looks fabulous, lots of tender loving care in your patch of dirt!

    Keep shining my dear friend.
    Talk soon.
    Peggy ♥♥♥

  15. Love the pictures of the horses and the landscape is adorable. You also prepared beautiful collage, your garden is plenty of life and green!

  16. Your garden looks so beautiful!Your husband did a great job!
    We have to change end of october our times/clocks.


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