Monday, 23 September 2013

We Are The Sum Total Of Our Choices

I love quotes and inspirational stories. The quote above is simple and complicated. Every day, we make many, many choices. We have the freedom to choose between good and bad. Sometimes we make a wrong choice and are not aware that it is wrong. We do it unconsciously, because that is how we learned to do something when we were young. By learning the hard way, by becoming aware, by reading quotes and by being honest to ourselves, we get many chances again to make a better choice and move in the right direction (or not). It is hard though. We are attached to material things, to our ego and to wrong habits. If we are making increasingly the right choices this will result eventually in a better future. All the choices, good or bad made us into what we are now.  When we become more aware and choose more consciously, the more in control we are.
This is what I think is also what karma means. When something bad happens to me I say jokingly "Oh it is bad karma"  Karma is however not something that overcomes us and is not simply a matter of retribution or reward. It is more a matter of cause and effect I think.
When you look at the beautiful story in the next movie than I see that the cause is that the man in the storie unconditionally gives to others. He had a positive live changing effect on the young boy as we see later. When the boy became a man it enabled him to do what he did and be very appreciative. We don't always know what effect we have on people.
I think that if we can positively change the lives of others just a bit than we are doing well and we become better at it each time. If we all would try that than we could change the world. :)  Enjoy the story!


  1. This is the best post I have read in weeks! Thanks for lifting my spirits.

  2. Oh my!
    How amazing and touching that video was.
    Made my day!
    Thank you for sharing!

    We never know by what we might do for another how it can change another's persons life.
    Giving is the best reward.
    To give without expecting anything in return is truly giving.
    And the giving can come back to you in the most incredible ways!

  3. Very touching video,Marja and I agree with Margie´s comment!

  4. That was so touching. Thank you Marja for an uplifting post.

  5. Lovely story. Making the right choices is easier said then done especially when young.

  6. Marja, what a beautiful post. Its a good thing I am only typing this reply and not trying to talk right now, for I am too choked up with tears streaming down my chin.

    You are so right within your thinking and we all of us have that choice. this short film illustrates so well how Karma debt can be repaid.. Both in good and bad ways .. Often we do not see the whole picture of the why's and wherefores.
    Thank you dear Marja for giving us all a gentle reminder that what goes around comes around

    Love and Peace, and enjoy a wonderful weekend
    Sue xxxx


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