Monday, 23 June 2014

A walk through the city center

In the beginning of June the containers had to move as they had to make space for permanent buildings. They live now further down the road in an even more spacy setting and look if they always have been there. The restart mall was initially opened in October 2011 to keep business going in the city after the earth quake

We saw for the first time the new visitor centre in Hagley park with a new coffee shop. It looks good!

The biggest part of the new building is in use as a nursery. In summer you won't see the beautiful plants as they get shielded from the sun by a screen.

Colourful flags cheered up the square in front of the few buildings still standing.  


  1. I would love to visit and see all those colourful flags..thank you for taking me there virtually!

  2. It's nice to see Christchurch looking bright and cheerful in the winter sun.

  3. Wishing All in Christchurch well as you continue the rebuilding.

  4. Hello Marja
    I admire everyone who has stuck it out in Christchurch - what stern stuff you're all made of.
    People are the heart and soul of any city, and you are the ones bringing it back to life again.
    The colourful prayer flags are special, I hope they stay forever.
    Sending warm wishes for the days ahead.
    Shane x

  5. interesting mix of style and color

  6. Wat fijn dat de stad weer een beetje normaal wordt zo langzamerhand. Het duurt lang voordat alles weer opgebouwd wordt en alle trauma's zijn verwerkt. Heb je een tijd gemist, hoop dat alles goed met je is.
    Groeten, Marianne

  7. Hi Marja .. Christchurch is being creative as it rebuilds .. a great range of buildings and businesses - fun to see, after the devastation caused .. cheers Hilary

  8. Colour seems to be the theme here. The flags are so like the prayer flags which bring hope and positivity to Nepal. Clearly something positive is coming out what was such a desperatly tragic event.

  9. Amazing to see how the rebuilding is taking shape.. I was so impressed how the town had all come together as they did after the Earthquake, and those containers have been so disguised and I am sure in a way will be missed... Love the new buildings...
    And thank you so much for your most lovely visits Marja..
    Take care.. and Hugs to you.. Love Sue xxx

  10. Is dit in Christchurch? Wordt de cathedraal ook opgebouwd?
    Wil, ABCW Team

  11. Very beautiful walk around the city center of Christchurch,Marja!


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