Sunday, 22 June 2014

On a darker note

I didn’t write a poem for ages and so I looked for “Sunday Scribblings" for a prompt. It was gone but I bumped into "Sunday Scribblings 2" which prompts on Wednesdays

The prompt is” A thousand years of darkness”  (I just found out I had the wrong one but post this anyway)

I didn’t experience a thousand years of darkness but had my fair share. When live is tough it is easy to become absorbed in your problems. It becomes your world. Sometimes it is all you can handle. I think it becomes an illness when you get stuck in that world and loose interest in others.

When you reconnect to the world and hear the stories you realise that all go through pain, illness and problems. We are all in this together and shared problems become halve problems.

Problems can be a blessing too by teaching you lessons;
I learned when having pain I don’t have to be one.
I learned to put my own needs first when necessary
I learned I can’t shortcut someone else’s journey, just travel besides them
I learned I can only change myself and my perception.
I learned that things are not important, people are
I learned that people with little love are poorer than people with little money
I learned there is space for light as well as darkness, for laughter as well as tears.

Break free

Life can depress, make one
cuddle up in distress in
a thousand years of darkness

You can get lost inside
a cocoon spun with the
threads of broken dreams

or drown in a lake of tears
in this confined place
that has taken lives space

Break out of here
in the outside sphere
the lake appears like

drops of dew on petals
absorbing the colours
of iridescent light

Break out, break free
let your wings carry you
to an avenue of blessings 

marja blom

 A beautiful sad song in the movie Gloomy Sunday
in Hungarian


  1. so much sadness on a bright sunday morning ..

  2. I learned I can only change myself and my perception.

    That's one I had to learn the hard way. I once had this crazy idea I could teach, not in a classroom but in everyday life, I found out that I came off as obnoxious or a snob.

    So, I just play it laid back and easy now and watch.

  3. Yes we all have problems, sad days and happy days. It is good when we can leave the sad behind. Nice poem.

  4. The world, indeed, is full of sorrow, joy and lots of in between. Chronic sadness brings with it a feeling of disconnect so, as you said, it is good to share and break free!

  5. HI Marja .. travelling alongside illness is not easy for you, for others, and darkness and pain can sweep in, then the realisation we need the balance - you seem to be so aware and that must be so helpful ..

    With thoughts - Hilary

  6. Dear Marja,
    This is a wonderfully enlightening Poem.. Yes we learn through pain and often see others in much worse pain and circumstances than we are,, But each problem is just as important to the one going through it..

    Sending you love and I so enjoyed your poetic post dear Marja.. xox


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