Sunday, 29 June 2014

Under the plum tree

For sunday Scribblings 2. The prompt " plum"  I put the plum in my mind and it just sat there like a plum does. It stayed a plum. Luckily in English words are broken up like plum tree. So I can use that as well. In Dutch it would be one word.

Painting Armand Guilaumin

 Under the plum tree

In the shadow of a plum tree
she sat down leaving where light begun
Entering a dream world
of velvety clouds kissed by the sun

Cradling in this sacred space
escaping from her daily wars
descending into peace full thoughts
rooted in a thousand stars

 the pink plum tree blossom
towers like a crown
above her shimmering hair
meandering over her simple gown

A man passing by, bewitched by her being
his heart erupting, love flowing free
reflected in the eyes
of the girl under the plum tree


  1. Romantic and sweet. Love reflected in the eyes is a beautiful final image.
    Welcome back to blogland!

  2. What a wonderful flow this has - like a lullaby..and so magical..think i too would like to dream under that plum tree

  3. Nicely done! I loved the imagery.

  4. What a great picture to compliment your stunning poem. I fell in love with myself!

  5. Ik heb een pruimenboom in mijn tuin, maar heb er nooit onder zitten dromen.....

  6. Both poem and picture are beautiful.

  7. Beautifully written, Marja! A plum tree in bloom is a little like a floral hat that enhances the woman beneath.

  8. Hi Marja .. sometimes those beautiful trees just give us a warm, colourful place to relax, breathe in deeply and live ... under that plum tree .. lovely - cheers Hilary

  9. A great poem, well done! I love the pic too. The colours are awesome.

  10. A great poem, well done! I love the pic too. The colours are awesome.

  11. Romantic and great poem,dear Marja!

  12. Wow Marja, you are an excellent poet.. Loved this poem... Beautiful.. Thank you.
    Love Sue xox


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