Saturday, 5 July 2014

A sunny winter afternoon

We have been lucky so far. The winter is better than autumn, as the latter had a lot of dark rainy days. Now it is freezing at night but that gives clear sunny day skies. Great for a walk on the beach. 
Walking AND flying on the beach

A human butterfly

I love the winter light.

A view on shag pile, the new name for shag rock since the earth quake. It is actually a volcanic outcrop. On the left you see South Brighton beach. As it is low tide you can nearly walk from Sumner beach to Brighton beach

Bathing in sun light


  1. Hello Marja
    Great photos taken on a perfect winter's day.
    I agree, the winter light is special.
    Those two beaches are beautiful, I would love to enjoy a walk there.
    The blue echium is magical!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Kia ora Marja! Good to see you back e hoa. Not such a nice day here in Palmy but nice sitting by the fire. Hope you are well. Kia Kaha!

  3. Mooie foto's met dat winterlicht. Die skydiver is prachtig tegen de blauwe lucht. Een fijn weekend.

  4. I've probably written this a couple of times but if I ever get down to New Zealand for that dream vacation I might not find my way back on the airplane for the return trip.

  5. Lovely photos. I adore the winter light too. The human butterfly looks very happy up there in the sky.

  6. Wonderful photos. So true … the winter light is magnificent whether walking or flying!

  7. You take such beautiful photos.

  8. looks the same as in summertime. we have lots of rain and low temperature at the moment and here it is summertime. winter in New Zealand is better than summer here at the moment.

  9. Very very beautiful photos,MarjA!And thank you ... I hope we have on sunday a final between Germany - Netherlands!!!

  10. Hi Marja, missing you and hoping to be back blogging more. I love the pictures and the human but scary, I'll give it a pass because I am scared of heights. Happy weekend my dear :)

  11. Such beautiful photos
    I love the beach .
    It's a hot summer here so far and today I am dreaming of winter ....LOL

    Happy weekend Marja

  12. Marja, I love the human butterfly and the shagpile rock.. with flowers and wow that winter light reflecting on the water.. Wonderful.. Winter is still beautiful.. We are having a fabulous warm summer for a change, but weird thunderstorms that drop tropical like rain in the bucket loads all at once which results in flash flooding... It knocked a few of our pot plants over at the weekend as a freak wind blew up with the storm too. But nothing to really grumble about.. Lol..
    Love to you and yours.. Sue


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