Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Maori language week: arohanui

It is Maori language week. Maori is a Polynesian language and close to the language of the Cook islands and Tahitian. it is an official language spoken in New Zealand and 4 to 9 % of the people speak it fluently.
My contribution to Maori language week is the word Arohanui and aroha.

Aroha means love and Arohanui literally means big love or much love. It has however several deeper meanings like: 
enfolding love
love that binds a community together
love which creates a bond of mutual trust and loyalty
love which builds and carries forwards culture and civilisation

and a beautiful Maori song about love: Tai Aroha

Ko te aroha anō he wai
E pupū ake ana
He awa e māpuna mai ana
I roto i te whatū-manawa (x2)

Ko tona matapuna he hōhonu
Ā ina ia ka rere anō (x2)

He tai timu
He tai pari
He tai ope
He tai rora
He tai nui

Love is like water
continually bubbling up
a river that will keep flowing
from within the very seat of the emotions.

From a very deep source
it will keep on rising

an ebb tide
an incoming tide
a forceful tide
a living tide
a full tide.


  1. A pretty and meaningful song in an appealing language. Thanks for sharing it, Marja. There can never be enough love and kindness in this world so anything promoting it has my vote. :)

  2. The song is lovely.
    I enjoyed this post.
    Thanks Marja

  3. Ah, love......truly a overwhelming force.

  4. What a beautiful, soothing and peaceful. song! thank you for sending this message to the world.

  5. A beautiful song! Had a chance a few months ago to catch a documentary on the Maori culture, it was fascinating.

  6. I looked at some of your past photos of beautiful New Zealand. I listened to the song in Maori – a melodious language and a lovely song. I like the Polynesian tattoos - may be one day we’ll go to New Zealand and I’ll get a tattoo on my wrist. I do believe we have enough frequent flyer miles to get a free flight to New Zealand.

  7. Kia ora marja...
    Well done e hoa. One of my goals is go and learn Te Reo this year, or soon. Hope you are well. My oldest boy is now living down in CHCH. May be seeing you sometime. Aroha,

  8. Good on you Rob! Does he work in Chch Yeh would be good

  9. Loved the song and lovely to understand what it meant.. I love how their meanings of words have so much more depth to our own language.. I am back and now working my way around Marja.. Love to you and Thank you for all of your kind support dear friend xox Hugs Sue


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