Sunday, 20 July 2014

An important visit

Things are good because I had my daughter home

We watched however full of horror how an airplane was shot down in the Ukraine and so may people lost their lives. Among them 192 Dutch people. One couple was visiting their daughter in New Zealand but never reached her and their grand children. My heart goes out to all the families.

We were busy this weekend as our daughter visited us from Wellington
We went to the botanic gardens to do some tree study with her for an art project.

Even though we are in the middle of winter there were some
beautiful ones like this one with branches curling and swirling

We also looked together to the mini series, TV docudrama Hope and Wire about the Christchurch earthquake. Many people thought it was too early for that and that it was not realistic enough and the characters were too stereotypical. Maybe true but I liked the series anyway. The first time was a bit of a shock as it hit home while I expected I would be cool about it. I do think that a lot of things did came through in the drama somehow although it missed some things as well as the great strength and brotherhood in Christchurch during that time. But overall good storyline.

A real surprise was to see Simo as an actor in Hope and Wire. I used to work nearly next door to Mosaic, his Morocan restaurant. He and his wife are very nice helpful people and the food is absolutely delicious. He lost his restaurant a few times in the earthquakes and is a great example of resilience.


  1. Yes your earthquake was so bad! I remember the beautiful cathedral. Thanks for the videos, Marja!
    I wish you a vry happy week and I hope that there will soon be a solution for the war in Ukraine.

  2. I forgot to say that I think the tree on the second photo very interesting.
    I also have a post about the botanical gardens in Cooktown and I show several trees.

  3. Marja, what a tragedy this crash has been for so many Dutch people, and how sad for that couple who never got to NZ to see their grandchildren.
    It must be lovely to have your daughter with you at this time.

  4. I'm so glad you have some time with your daughter.

  5. HI Marja .. so much here - the Ukrainian tragedy .. that's just appalling and so terribly sad.

    Natural disasters one can 'cope' with more easily ... and your Moroccan Simo and his wife .. seem so wonderful ... I really hope they make a new success of their business ...

    Then having your daughter home - a real treat ... and that tree is just amazing ...

    Cheers Marja .. life is not easy at the moment for the Dutch - with thoughts Hilary

  6. Dear Marja, I am so happy you got to spend some quality time with your daughter... Tragedy brings home to us how special Family is.. and you have highlighted two major events which tore peoples hearts..
    The series sounds an interesting one.. And its good its taking real life stories and the people who were affected first hand into the story line.. And Simo sounds to be one great caricature and as you say full of resilience.. My heart goes out to all those families suffering loss..
    Thank you for sharing Marja xx Love Sue

  7. Wonderful to have your daughter home.
    Such tragic news about all those from your homeland(and other countries) that lost their lives in the plane, very heavy heart here.

    I love the shot of the tree.

  8. Things are good because I had my daughter home

    My son leaves for college in less than a month and I am finding it hard to deal with in some ways. Mainly because he has an active social life and will probably spend most of his free time with friends.


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