Sunday, 24 August 2014

My present:a trip to Nelson

This year like other years I received a gorgeous present for my birthday. A trip to Nelson. I love trips and we found a deal on GrabOne for two nights at the honest lawyer in Nelson. Yes they do exist. It was not only  half price but included a delicious breakfast as well. What more does a Dutch person want.
It turned out to be a beautiful English country Pub which is situated on the water side in Monaco. No not the European one . Better than that. Monaco in Nelson NZ.

The honest Lawyer

The trip to Nelson was a treat. We drove for 5 hours through the Lewis Pass. I was in the clouds listening to music from the Secret Garden and looking at the stunning scenery. Wild rivers, snow covered peaks and a clear blue sky. Hubby was so good to stop plenty of times for me when I blurted "Awesome", so I could jump out and take a picture. We even stopped on a bridge as it was very quiet and an upcoming car behind us nicely waited at the start of the bridge, so I survived!

In Nelson the next day....again summer temperatures. It was 13 degrees according to the news but it felt more like 20 degrees. We stayed out of trouble by going to the Saturday morning market, the Founders Heritage Park, a walk uphill to the centre of New Zealand from which we had fantastic views on Nelson and we had a walk on the beach as well. At night there was a function on at the Honest lawyer and we really wouldn't have fit in, with our walking boots as all were dressed up in suits. We ended up in Cafe Istanbul and had a fantastic meal. We highly recommend it if you ever visit Nelson.

The next morning back home again and when we passed Hanmer I said "Ok I have enough pictures now so you don't have to stop anymore and right then the weather turned around and it became cloudy and dark.

Noble blue fills the veins of the Lewis pass

Hurunui High Country Land
where sun rays dance on water 


  1. HI Marja - what a delightful birthday present - which you've brought to life for us .. love the video and the music, while your shots (also in the video) are all amazing .. no wonder everyone raves about NZ. I see now looking in Wiki -that Nelson might well be the middle of NZ - as it's on the north of South Island .. and the North Island spreads way north ... so named Northland - makes sense!

    Wonderful to see .. cheers Hilary

  2. What a peaceful and beautiful corner of the world. We have a town called Nelson in BC with heritage buildings, mountains and a lake … although some might say not as dramatically stunning and lush as the Nelson in NZ. A wonderful birthday present to remember!

  3. What great scenery! I think we'll add this to our list of road trips in the future!

  4. Stunning photos Marja - it's an incredible part of our country! I'm laughing cos you sound just like me! I see photo ops everywhere I go too.
    What a place for a short break. Love the name of the pub!
    Wishing you a belated "Happy Birthday" - I'm sure you won't forget this one!

  5. What a wonderful trip Marja, and your photos are simply beautiful. You clearly had a wonderful time.

  6. Mooie tocht en prachtige landschappen, nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!

  7. And a Happy B-Day to you too...hugs from all of us !!

    T.d and Company.

  8. What stunning photos! I love the russets and blues of your mountain shots. Our birthdays must be very close. Mine was yesterday, on August 25. Aren't we lucky to have a birthday at the start of spring.

  9. PS Clever you for making the video. I'm impressed!

    1. That is quite easy to do (when you know how)

  10. You lucky lady. Happy Birthday!

  11. Fabulous scenery, photos and descriptions. NZ is awesome.

  12. Happy belated birthday! Your photo's are stunning and I love the music accompanying the video. I looked up the title of the song and added the artist to my Spotify playlist, I love discovering new music!

  13. Seriously Happy belated Birthday! Love those mountains.

  14. What a wonderful birthday .. the video was wonderful to see.

  15. I loved the song too.
    Happy belated birthday .

  16. A belated Happy Birthday and wow what a beautiful place is Nelson... loved the pictures.. Wishing you a Wonderful Sept xxx as we head into our Autumn..


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