Sunday, 31 August 2014

Project declared finished.

The good thing about the earthquake was that we finally were forced to do up my daughters room (who loves colour). There were lots of cracks in the wall and in the ceiling, so my husband put in a false ceiling and covered up the cracks with wallpaper. The green wall is painted. A 60 year old carpet was replaced and we bought two gorgeous bed covers on sale. I also found some Moroccan lamps on TradeMe.
Last year I decided to make a frame with cloth behind it and string to hang cards on. The next day we were on a fair for work and next to us was a table, where they sold the self made frame you see on the right side wall.....ok That was a time safer.

Paintings made by my daughter and pillows cases were bought second
hand on Trade Me to bring more colour to the room.

We found a good deal for bed site tables as there was a chip out of it and made our own coat rack

We always love collecting driftwood but never
had a purpose for it. I enjoyed making this so much that I started to collect knobs from markets for the next piece of driftwood.
Correction: I helped making this as I am not good with tools. My husband drilled the holes and I was holding the wood...while looking important :)


  1. So very stylish and cozy, Marja. I love how the curtains seem to billow a bit from a fresh breeze. And the driftwood is a perfect blend of the practical and creative. How heavenly for your daughter to come home to such a lovely room.

  2. Hi Marja - the earthquake must have been so difficult to many ... but this necessary redesign etc looks amazing - I bet your daughter is delighted ... and what fun collections of goodies - love all of it .. the bedspread, the cushion covers, and then card hangers and the pictures ... and those Moroccan lights .. while the driftwood hanger is a great idea ... enjoy your future creativity .. cheers important one! Glad you held the wood and didn't get drilled in the process! Hilary

  3. Oh it's a gorgeous room - the bed cover is stunning Marja!
    What a great idea for the coat rack - now I'll be looking out for funky knobs!
    I love the moroccan lamps too.
    I'm sure your daughter is'over the moon' with what you did!

    1. Have a look on Trade Me Shane There is lots of funky stuff :)

  4. I envy you, similar project here at my house are never really finished. They come close, but my wife and kids always make adjustments to the final look, which were never discussed.

  5. Looks amazing. Who needs carpet with a floor like that? must come and have look for myself.

    1. Hi marco thanks but unfortunately the floor underneath wasn't that good. William put a floating floor on it
      and you're always welcome. next time we go for a bike ride we will come for a coffee

  6. Marja,
    I love the colors of the room, the bedspread is beautiful.
    And all the finishing touches are wonderful.
    Your daughter must love it.
    (oh, thanks so very much for the kind words on my poems .. you are such a dear ... )

  7. What wonderful creativity in putting this room together. The colours are beautiful; warm and restful. Your daughter must be so pleased.

  8. That is a great looking room and all the added touches give it such character. Most importantly, it feels warm and inviting. Great job.

  9. I love the blue-green-greyish colour on the walls! And the homemade coatrack's awesome, especially the dog hook, and I like that it has a Dutch 'tintje' with the orange knob :-)

  10. Dear Marja what a beautiful finish you have made to your daughter's bedroom.. love the coat rack... What a great idea too with drift wood.. :-) Wishing you a wonderful September.. xx and Retirement I am just winding down!.. Slept alot the day after I finished work.. Seems my brain went into shut down mode too :-) Love and Hugs


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