Sunday, 21 September 2014

Dressing up your place on a budget

 I went on my weekly walk with my friend. This time we walked from Lyttelton to Cash bay.

Lyttelton is a pretty port town close to Christchurch. As the earthquakes epicentre was in Lyttelton every second building was severely damaged. The people in this town are very resilient and soon all sorts of improvised coffee shops appeared. Lyttelton always had a bohemian feeling to it which makes it so attractive. A pleasure I indulge in is drinking coffee at a cafe with atmosphere.

After our walk we had a stroll over the farmers market where I discovered some gorgeous coffee tables. Someone covered old tables with vintage postcards and I had to have one.

Top right is the little table I bought. It has a crib underneath for magazines. It is in the first little room we fixed up. We still have two rooms to go. Another great find recently was a cheap wooden crate. My husband had the idea of using it as a shelving unit on the wall in our kitchen. We also painted our sixty year old kitchen unit. My mum send me the half curtains as you can't buy these ones in NZ.
Furthermore after the earthquake my husband fixed up the bathroom, took out the bath and put a new shower in.

Now I know how much is involved in doing up your house, although my husband does most of the work. I have an enormous respect for my brother Pieter. He worked 10 years on an old house and changed it into a palace. In the last years he changed his garden into a wonderland.

 Here is a little glimpse in my brothers garden. In every corner you find some treasures. These photo's are a couple of years old so I can't wait to see it next year again.


  1. Some people write poetry, some people make poetry of their surroundings and some people do both as I am learning many New Zealanders do! How clever and charming those postcard tables! Your brother’s garden is fabulous too!

  2. Hi Marja .. that's brilliant - I love seeing all the clever and quirky collections, ideas etc ... you're luck with your hubby, and I love the little table, while your brother has done an amazing job with his garden ... looks just gorgeous ... cheers Hilary

  3. I love the Dutch curtains in the kitchen and your brother's garden. You are lucky to have a hubby who can fix the house.

  4. I can see that a flair for home decoration runs in the family. I love your use of colour.

  5. Your home looks very pretty, must be a lot of work to repair all the rooms after the earthquake. I have the same wall colours as you! Blue in my kitchen and terra in the living room, isn't that amazing? Can't be really a dutch touch I think.

  6. Lyttelton always had a bohemian feeling to it which makes it so attractive.

    Sounds like my kind of place!

    Top right is the little table I bought.
    Slightly off subject but my wife and I bought a table from antique shop in Savannah, Georgia years ago and placed it in the kitchen of our old house. Up front, I've got to say I don't believe in ghosts but just a week or two after bringing the table home we started have some strange incidents in the house. Nothing dangerous or outright scary, just very odd sounds and curious incidents like finding bedroom lights left on after turning them off. Wife never liked the table and it was replaced about a year later. Of course, the "events" stopped about the same time.

  7. Your brothers garden looks amazing, I wish I had green thumbs, so my balcony would be as colourful. And I'm loving the idea of tables covered with postcards. Might also be fun to use the backs on top, so you would always have something to read with your coffee ;-)

  8. Heel leuk tafeltje heb je gevonden! Wat een uitdaging om alles om te knappen! Je broer's tuin ziet er mooi uit, ongetwijfeld volgend jaar nog voller en mooier, maar het is nu al prachtig op deze foto's. Fijn voor je om naar uit te zien.

  9. "A Dutchcorner in NZ" has been included in our Sites To See #398. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  10. Your house looks so "Gezellig"( cosy and comfortable)! And your brother's garden is beautiful and a great place to have a cup of coffee and
    Thanks for your visit and comment.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  11. Marja.. Loved your new little coffee table how original!.. And I am so pleased the homes are now mended and liveable again .. Love your rooms you have re-decorated.. And your brother's garden is a delight.. Lovely.. :-) Wishing you many more beautiful walks... and Many more wonderful finds.. :-) Hugs Sue

  12. Your brothers garden looks so beautiful!
    Your house must be a very nice place to be,Marja! I wish I could visiting you there!


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