Friday, 3 October 2014


Spring is really starting to shout. That means decorating the garden. My husband gets all the credit and I just add some finishing touches. Furthermore a time of flowers, sunshine, trips to the park and a  poem.

Spring arrives as the earth
awakens from a winter sleep
her  skin sparkling gleefully
the sun warps  kisses on her cheek

A blanket of soft green
stretches all around
covering our mother earth
seeds sprouting from the ground

A fragrance of passion
surrounds the new born land
cherry trees are showing
their sweet pink on demand

The wind whispers secrets
about a baby robin bird
The song from her mother
the finest ever heard


Hagley park is a feast at the moment

I found this cute rack on grabone and did something I always wanted to do; To put flowers
on a plate for decoration. The big flower was left from a bouquet I received at work.

Pretty Would love to do this with some roses this summer


  1. What a feast of colour, and a joyful poem. I like your lines about the cherry blossom, 'showing off/ their sweet pink on demand.' Happy spring Marja.

  2. you certainly have a glorious garden! I'm having a hard time thinking "spring" because we're going into fall/winter here...

  3. Lovely picture of the flowers which were left from a bouquet! Thanks for your spring poem and photos. We are now facing autumn and winter.
    Have a lovely spring, Marja.

  4. Ja voor jou komt de lente nu, mooie tulpen en andere bloemen.

  5. Spectacular shots! Even though I have been aware of it for around 50 years now, it is still so very strange to think about you-all down there going into Spring as we are going into Fall. Does our Heavenly Father have an "interesting" sense of humor or what? (LOL?)

  6. I'm loving those bright colours, spring and summer are my favourite seasons! Today we had quite a decent amount of sun, so I had to treat myself to a pint of coconut banana incecream. Enjoying summer as long as I can :-)

  7. We have colours of a different hue now as summer gives way to autumn. Marja, as ever your words and images are simply lovely.

  8. Dear Marja.. Spring is such a wonderful time of year.. and I am so happy you are enjoying all of natures colours and gifts, nothing sweeter than a robin's song.. Love the plate of flowers you have arrange.. also love the stand they are on...
    Your poetry is beautiful... Enjoy your new week Marja.. and ALL that Spring Brings! :-) xxxx Love Sue

  9. I hope my comment came through it said it could not be identified as suedreamwalker on your latest post so posted under Dreamwalker on your coffee shop post.. Loved the poem above and the flowers Marja.. Enjoy your spring.. Big hugs Sue

  10. Wonderful poem and great colourful,Marja!


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