Friday, 12 September 2014

The power of beauty

I believe in the power of beauty and then I don't talk about handsome people although there was a time that I fell for that magic as well, no the power of beauty of art like dancing, music, painting and poetry and of course nature. 
The last one and a half year I have been dealing with challenge after challenge. You could argue that   it is part of normal live but the hardest thing is when you don't have any clue as how to deal with some things. In some cases you have to choose options that are the least worst instead of good.
Talking about it helps but the main thing w
hat gets me through is a high dose of trees, flowers, poetry and music. They are miracle workers to me. Today I give myself the following potion of incredible beauty. I am very great full for these treasures.

The Quiet Power

I walked backwards, against time
and that’s where I caught the moon,
singing at me.

I steeped downwards, into my seat
and that’s where I caught freedom,
waiting for me, like a lilac.

I ended thought, and I ended story.

I stopped designing, and arguing, and
sculpting a happy life.

I didn’t die. I didn’t turn to dust.

Instead I chopped vegetables,
and made a calm lake in me
where the water was clear and sourced and still.

And when the ones I loved came to it,
I had something to give them, and
it offered them a soft road out of pain.

I became beloved.

And I came to know that this was it.
The quiet power.
I could give something mighty, lasting,
that stopped the wheel of chaos,

by tending to the river inside,
keeping the water rich and deep,
keeping a bench for you to visit.

Tara Sophia More


  1. Heel wijs, heel mooi, Marja. Houd je taai!

  2. ben het met je eens
    sorry to hear about your trouble though

    1. We just trust that things are going to be all right

  3. The quiet power. Beauty is a great source of quiet power. I can see how it feeds your soul, and how much you love it.

    1. That's why I must like that poem so much

  4. Kom je ons opzoeken, volgend jaar?! Dat zou leuk zijn!

    1. oh gezellig echt leuk. Ik zal je volgend jaar laten horen wat onze plannen zijn en als we in de buurt komen dan komen we zeker langs

  5. Mooie muziek en poezie om je door een moeilijke tijd heen te helpen. Keep going Marja!
    Groetjes, Marianne

  6. I hope the power of beauty keeps on healing you.

  7. Hang in there dear Marja.
    Life can throw all sorts of rubbish at us.
    It's what is inside you that matters, in your heart, your mind and in your soul.
    Observing the beauty of nature can help centre our lives.
    Take care
    Shane x

    1. Thanks Shane you are such a dear and wise person

  8. What a soulful tune. I listened while reading the poem and understood the words in a very meaningful way. Thank you for sharing this and your thoughts.

    1. That's exactly what I did and what I thought Bless you

  9. This is such a powerful and peaceful poem, Marja, I really like it. I like the sentence “I chopped vegetables and made a calm lake in me” I can feel the pain and also the efforts to try to carry on. I hope everything will get calm and happy for you very soon.

  10. Sometimes Marja that is all we can do.. Trust!.. and live each moment to the fullest.. Nature teachers us that in all she shows us.. Never does she give up... Always growing, changing and learning to thrive sometimes within difficult circumstances.. She never gives in.. She just continues in her Now!.. Love and Hugs always dear Marja.. xxx

  11. No, not everyone can be as good-looking as I am, and I find it a shame. Does that not make me even more beautiful in every sense of the word?


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