Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Stewart Island

We are busy, busy, busy so not much time to blog
Therefore I show you some old photos from last summer when we went to Stewart Island with my brother.
The Maori name of Stewart Island is Raikiura, which means place of the glowing skies. It is an unspoiled Island in the South of the South Island. There are only 400 people living on the third largest island of NZ. We only saw a little bit of it as there are not many roads.
The kiwi is abundant on Stewart Island. Because it is a nocturnal bird you won't see him walking around. We did see the kaka though, a member of the parrot family.

 We stayed in the South Sea Hotel in the Middle of half moon Bay in the main settlement of Oban.
  That's were we started 2014 and it was a great beginning (didn't last though but that's live)
   This is the view from the restaurant and on the left is the place where the ferry arrives.

 We did a lot of walking and walked around the Bay, which was beautiful

 In the evening one of the islanders released her horses and dogs on the beach for a run
 Another great walk on the horseshoe point track
 In front of the houses we saw some kaka's. They go there as in the evening some islanders feed them nuts.
 A stone house built by Lewis Acker in 1835 at Harrold Bay. The person inside is slightly younger but not a native. Has blended in with the kiwis though.
View from the lookout in Oban on Golden Bay where we walked the.....Golden bay track
We hope to come back one day sigh


  1. Mooie foto's van een schitterend eiland. Hoop dat alles goed is met je.

  2. Looks like a magical place, I especially like the picture of the animals at the beach, great capture. By the time I would have gotten my camera ready, they'd already be miles away :-)

    1. Thanks but they kept running up and down so that was easy

  3. Wat woon je toch in een práchtige wereld!
    Maar wel ver weg ...... ik voel nog de afstand toen ik er was.
    Geniet ervan!

  4. What a beautiful area. How dumb am I ? I didn't even notice that there was another island down there. Your photos are excellent too. I bet it gets cold down there in winter. Sorry to hear that your year hasn't continued as it started. Hope its nothing too serious.

    1. No not many people know and on the normal map they not always show it so its not you It gets indeed very cold up there
      Can't talk about it online but I guess that you adapt to some thing

  5. All my life I wanted to see this country - and now it is too late :D

    1. Sorry to hear that Merike Why is it too late?

  6. I know the feeling about being busy. Hadn't have much time to think the last couple of months. Totally beautiful pictures of paradise!

  7. It's such a beautiful place, but many years since I visited. Nice to revisit through your blog Marja. Thank you.

  8. Idyllic! I could holiday there - far from the madding crowd!
    In the next few years I would love to travel the back roads of our wonderful country.
    Your photos are beautiful Marja.
    Shane x

  9. Lovely photos of Stewart Island, a place I have never been, looks very beautiful great photo of the Kaka too.

  10. Beautiful Marja... The photo's are wonderful.. Loved the horses and the dogs running free on the beach.. :-)


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