Monday, 6 October 2014

C1 Expresso

On Sunday we walked through the still empty (empty as in empty spaces) city and went to a favourite cafe in High Street; C1 Expresso.  Except from serving great coffee and food  it has many quirky and cool things.

 It is now in one of the very few old buildings left; a former post office build in 1930

Opposite the cafe you see the "Woods from the trees" a sculpture by Regan Gentry. It is build with
waste wood from earthquake damaged homes.

Inside you can get a glass of water from a sewing machine

or like my friend get sparkling water from a dentist well

Want to go to the toilet than go to the book shelves and...Open Sesame.....

but the coolest thing is to receive a mini burger in a slider which is send through the cafe by pneumatic tube. There is a whole tube system attached to the ceiling with tubes going down to the tables. When you hear a ring you can pick up your dinner. These tubes were used by banks in the past to put money in and here some information about its history.

In this video the tube system was in its beginning state. Now the tubes go to many tables.

Something else we loved was herbie,who was parked around the corner


  1. Dat is een leuk cafe, wat een aparte manier om de dingen te serveren!

  2. What an awesome place, although I would be a bit frightened by the dentist equipment. And my mom would love the Herbie!

  3. It sure is a quirky cafe. It would be a fun experience to eat there.

  4. Now that looks a very interesting place to have a cuppa Marja.. I remember those tubes which used to send cash through them in a department store which used to be the Co-operative in my childhood.. I thought they were mint then.. Good to see the old fashioned system being kept alive for Burgers!..
    Love the Sewing Machine touch... but then I would having a sewing background.. :-) And a Bonus to find Herbie too :-) Glad you enjoyed your weekend..
    Here it was nice yesterday, we took our granddaughter to the park.. Today Autumn weather has set in with wind and rain.. So Enjoy your Spring sunshine and flowers!.. Love and Hugs Sue xxxx

  5. This puts recycling to an entirely new level. How creative people can be, when they put their minds to things. I am partial to Herbie, too. :)

  6. The first time I ever tried drinking a real espresso was at a deli in Patterson, New Jersey while I was out on the truck several years ago. When I told the two people behind the counter that I had never had an espresso before, they waited with eager expressions on their faces for me to take my first sip. Alas, I did not disappoint, and they both burst out into rather hysterical laughter when I could not get my face to unscrunch enough to swallow--let along take another sip. No, I have never been nearly as tough as my mom. For she liked her coffee best with a lot of chicory added to the blend.

  7. Hi Marja - what a great innovative cafe - I love their use of the old vacuum system - now I want to fly to Christchurch to see the delivery in place .. very clever and a crowd puller ... so entrepreneurial. Amazing. Love the photos - and the two water dispensers ... and the mock up of the stainless steel tube - is very clever. I hope they do well .... looks good too!!

    The art - the trees are very clever .. and Herbie - well I had an orange one til someone decided to skip a red light ... thankfully I'd set off slowly ... and so wasn't that injured - just brain shaken ...

    Such a lovely post - to ponder on .. fun .. cheers Hilary

  8. The sculpture of the trees is very powerful.

  9. Love the little coffee shop. I so do like to go to places that take you back in time. Thank You for sharing.

  10. I love coffee shops like that, using repurposed buildings and items. Smiling at the idea of getting water from an old sewing machine or dentist well!

  11. Great coffee shop! I would like to drink a cup of coffee with you there ;-) !


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