Friday, 7 November 2014

My christchurch rap

 My Christchurch rap

Christchurch has its heart ripped out, we shout; It’s a pity, this city, now full of cones and stones, and cars, where once were shops and bars, and people had no hurry, no worry. Then houses were old, now they are sold or rented out for gold, and people get cold, live now on the street because of greed. But houses are coming one day, with some delay, we may all have an EQ proof, roof again and a city full of huzzle and buzzle, in a jacket of glass and steel, with a modern feel and what a blast of the past, when we see an old building pop up, next to a new shop, and our hearts go out, we shout; what a delight, we might, think of the old days, before the earth quake, we shake it off, as we always do, walk out of the blue and get back into the huzzle and the buzzle of a city that lives and makes us belong, This is a great, dream made, end, my friend of my Christchurch rap song.
Source: Taken 21 October 2014
The empty heart of Christchurch. It is 4 years ago that we were in the middle of continues earthquakes and this is how Christchurch looks now. No parking problems as we have one big
parking place on empty space. I have seen one new building and the foundation of many others
It will all take at least 10 years before we are completely back on track. Just before our retirement. Good timing.
The coloured spots down under, in the middle is the restart mall where the container shops are. 

I walked with the meetup photo group through the city centre in the evening and we made some pictures of the buildings left. The meetup groups here are growing like mushrooms. Do you have them in your country as well? It's quite fun. You join online and rsvp if you want to go on a trip with like minded people.

The light was good when I took this one. A freshly demolished building. Still many to go.

You see containers everywhere holding the façade of buildings to try to safe them

Often there is only the front façade left as you can see here.

 I never knew there was a theatre in this building, alongside Manchester Street. Now you look straight onto the fallen seats. Let's hope I can show you some new buildings soon! 


  1. Oh Marja, the aerial photo and the ones below it really show how the centre of Christchurch has been affected. Your rap is fantastic; great rhythm and strong words.

  2. Impressive photos - they really give a sense of the damage of the earthquake (and I can't believe that was four years ago already!!)

  3. Hello Marja
    Such dramatic photos which really tell the story of the Christchurch earthquake.
    It's probably twelve years or more since we were there.
    Love your rap piece!

  4. Unbelievable that it's already four years ago and the earthquake affected the city so severely, and still does. You made awesome pictures, I am especially loving the ones with the colourful crates and containers.

  5. I had no idea that there was so much damage done. May Christchurch be fully resurrected much sooner than later.

  6. Great rap ! Did you write it yourself? It tell's the whole story About the Earthquakes in Christchurch. Good pictures

  7. Dramatische foto's van de schade die toen veroorzaakt is. Kan me voorstellen dat het jaren duurt om dit allemaal te herstellen.

  8. It really doesn't seem like it has been four years! As I get older times seems to easily slip away.

  9. Kia ora Marja,
    Very cool e hoa! Still lots of scars. Hope you are well.

  10. Nice rap, Marja! I never thought it would take so long to recover...especially the insurance payouts. It's good to see there is progress, even if it is slow.

  11. It only takes a few minutes for a serious quake to break down what takes years and years to rebuild. Hopefully, some original buildings will be revived along with their original flavor and some theatre seats will be saved for a new role as reminders.

  12. Hi Marja - it is incredible to think the earthquakes were four years ago - such a shock to you and to us further away. Devastation is always so difficult to deal with. I hope the damaged areas can be rebuilt, turned into a memorial park ... something creative done with the spaces left ... it takes vision, and it takes time ... these are lovely photos ... cheers Hilary

  13. Hi Marja - the most important bit .. I forgot to mention - I loved your Christchurch rap - excellent and such fun to read ... cheers Hilary

  14. Such a shame! I remember Christchurch as a lively and beautiful city with a magnificent cathedral. I hope that this will never happen again!
    Wil, ABCW Team

  15. Marja, I know you have shown us photo's before, But these photo's really are showing us the damage inflicted and the scale of it.. Is it really 4 years? Wow.. how time has just flown by.. I hope soon things will be built to new specifications which will help make buildings more stable.. To be honest I do not know how you live with the threat of Earth Quakes. Here in the Midlands UK we have had a few rumbles one which did shake the house was only about a 3-5.. but that was enough.. Sending Big Hugs your way.. xxx

  16. Nice rap,Marja and very interesting! Dramatic photos ... but I know what you mean... Such corners(streets) you have in every town around the world. Also here in Hamburg ...


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