Friday, 27 March 2015

A translation Dying flames - Stervende vlammen

I found an old friend back and we had a catch up by email. We discovered that we both started to write poetry later in life. I read many of hers and love them. She wanted to read one of mine as well but I never wrote something in Dutch. This one was not so hard to translate
Voor jou Albertine; een van mijn gedichtjes

painting by Leonid Afremov

Dying flames                          Stervende vlammen  

She shivers, waking up silence                      Ze beeft, de stilte ontwaakt
staring into dancing flames,                           Ze staart. Dansende vlammen
hypnotising her, taking her                             hypnoticeren haar, brengen haar

to a place where she twirls                              naar een heugenis waar
with grace for                                                    ze zwiert met souplesse
two piercing eyes                                              voor doorborende ogen
clouding a crowd                                               beneveling de menigte

her arms                                                             haar armen 
unfolding petals                                                 ontvouwend blad
A Port de Bras                                                    Een Port de Bras
in a Pas de Deux                                                in een Pas de Deux

her muscles stretched                                      haar spieren gespannen
like strings of a guitar                                       als snaren van een gitaar
vibrated by admiration                                      vibrerend bij verering
a standing ovation                                             en een staande ovatie

a note                                                                  een kaartje
"for my queen of night"                                     "mijn koningin van de nacht"
in elegant strokes                                               in stijlvolle stroken
between thorns of roses                                   tussen doornen van rozen
deep red, evokes                                               diep rood, ontlokt
a dream                                                              een droom

untill                                                                   totdat 
his insistent absence                                        zijn volhardende afwezigheid

cools her passion                                              dooft haar vuur

She shivers, waking up silence                        Ze beeft, de stilte ontwaakt

staring into dying flames                                  Ze staart in stervende vlammen
marja blom


  1. Hi Marja - well done .. it's lovely and so appropriate with the image by Leonid Afremov ... love it - cheers Hilary

  2. Mooi Marja! Wat knap van je!
    Heel fijn weekend.
    Wil, ABCW

  3. Wonderful, and the painting is a real explosion of imagery!

  4. How fun, to find back an old friend. You're poem is lovely, and the painting accompanying it is stunning! Hope you'll have a great weekend.

  5. Wow Marja! That is just beautiful!
    But it's still not the Dutch poem you are going to write, eh?

    1. lol no that's still on my bucket list
      I am happy you like this one Marilyn

  6. Well Marja we all certainly agree about the poem, the vibrant painting and connecting with an old can be wonderful.
    Your poetry is very visual....."her arms like unfolding petals.....her muscles stretched like stings of a guitar", beautiful my friend!
    Keep shining your wonderful light
    Peggy xxxxxx

    1. Thanks dear Peggy Life can be wonderful I am feeling good at the moment

  7. Great poems with such evocative words. The painting is perfect for it.

  8. Nice poem Marja, and the picture is brilliant in its colours. They go together very well.

  9. How nice to rediscover old friends! Sometimes it is only later in life when we find time to delve into the arts interrupted by the busyness of younger days. I enjoyed reading your work … your creativity shines throughout this blog.

  10. WONDERFUL! By the way, I should be back in the normal swing of things this coming Wednesday.

  11. Beautiful words you have penned dear Marja.. a true talent for poetry .. And I am so pleased too that you reconnected with a friend who also enjoys poem writing..
    sending you love and Hugs your way..
    Sue xxx


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