Saturday, 21 March 2015

Spectrum Street Art festival at YMCA

I went with a friend to have a look at the Spectrum Street Art Festival at the YMCA. Street artists or spray Can Kings have not only dressed the walls of Christchurch City centre with amazing art. They also sprayed the walls of the YMCA and it was amazing.

A fantastic room. You could look around for hours. There is so much to see.

A cute detail. I love kids so loved this one

The figure on the opposite wall is taking a selfie. There is a camera inside as me and my friend
are on the selfie too lol

Love this part

and this

This was really cool. It was a projection on a wall with music and special effects. My daughter would have loved this as she is an artist and she is good at wall projection.

The panic room by Tilt from France. I didn't feel any panic just the feeling of he or she must have had a lot of fun.

This was cool too. It felt like the milky way was projected on the roof.
All the great artists created a piece on a huge wall. In front of them were enormous spray cans with the background of each artist printed on it.


  1. Chaos and struggle, creativity, determination and playfulness … this is what I see in these wonderful works of art.

  2. Hi Marja - quite extraordinary to see here - must have been so brilliant in real life. Bet you'd love your daughter to have been there - to give her views ... incredible colours too .. and as Penelope says above ... thanks for sharing with us - Hilary

  3. Leuk hoor, creatieve geesten daar.

  4. I adore street art, it is so totally cool. You had taken some fabulous photos Marja. We had an exhibition similar to this one on Cockatoo Island in Sydney and a friend and I spent all day wondering around.
    Clever idea the selfie shot.
    Peggy xxxxxx

  5. That was some great stuff. I can only imagine what it would have looked like in person.

  6. Such details, spectacular!

  7. Prachtige kunst, en de details zijn inderdaad geweldig.

  8. Marja what a lovely festival of art.. thank you for sharing such talent. x


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