Friday, 3 April 2015

Godley Head walkway

First of all Happy Easter days to everyone

William has been creative again and made the door above for $20 He bought four planks and the rest is pallet wood.

More garden fun I bought the little cat with rusty chains for $1, the horse shoe came out of the ground
and a rusty iron shape from a market. The cool bucket is from a shop in Akaroa

Look on Sumner, South Brighton , the rest of Christchurch and the Southern Alps

Beach at Taylors Mistake or Te Onopoto which means short or little beach.
Here is also the start of the Godley Head walkway

The hills are dry and covered with  Cotyledon orbiculata, also called pigs ear

The beautiful rugged coastline

  There is a path off the track where you can go down to Boulder Bay It has a couple of baches.
 I know one is about a hundred years old. The owners have to do their shopping by boat.

Love this wheel. 

A play at boulder Bay. Aren't we having fun till I realised that it isn't that easy to come off. Help me. Hubby didn't. He just laughed :( but I managed to get off. :)

Ah that's all I have to show you Isn't NZ boring


  1. Wonderful series, Happy Easter!

  2. Hi Marja - happy Easter to you too ... fantastic shots of the coastline .. beautiful. Beautiful to be able to just be down in the cove - even if shopping means taking the boat .. glorious ... and no NZ isn't boring .. one day I shall get to visit .. cheers Hilary

  3. Ja, schommelen vond ik ook altijd zo leuk als kind en nog steeds als ik een schommel zie moet ik het weer even proberen.Ik herken het gevoel!

  4. Another delightful post from my talented friend. Loved the video and watched it to the end!
    Oh New Zealand is anything but boring. I think you live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world Marja. Thanks for taking the time to share your photos, they are always so interesting.
    Hope you have a relaxing, enjoyable Easter break.
    Big hugs
    Peggy xxxxx

  5. These pictures are stunning.

  6. This is really very beautiful! Thanks for your Easter wish.I hope you have a great Easterholiday.

  7. Just when I think New Zealand can't be more visually stunning you go and prove me wrong. The "rugged coastline" picture is my favorite.

  8. Wat een leuk idee om touw tussen de planken van de schutting te doen. Bedankt voor de tip, Marja.
    En verder prachtige foto's!

  9. New Zealand is truly a beautiful country … and not boring. I watched the video – it’s fun and proves that it is not boring. For Easter I wanted to cook lamb – went to 2 different supermarkets around our house – no lamb at all. They told me “we don’t get calls for it, so we don’t stock it.” It’s not easy to find lamb in Georgia – and if you find it the price is exorbitant here, more expensive that filet mignon, most people eat ham for Easter.

  10. Stunning photos showing off our beautiful little country. The new gate is perfect, loving all the new bits to your garden.

  11. Fabulous photos of boring NZ. Loved the video too.

  12. Loved your photo's Marja.. and especially the one on the swing :-) your hubby is very clever and creative.. loved the gate ,, I hope you continue to swing through life my friend with a happy smile upon your face.. .. Love and Hugs .. Sue x


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