Sunday, 11 October 2015

A fantastic weekend

A Sunday trip to Akaroa

We haven't been out for a long time because of winter and hubby being sick. Today we went to Akaroa and what a day it was. When you are at the top off the hill this magic place appears.

I made photos of everything in Akaroa in the past but still find new things. This is a garden of people who apparently like beer I think. Look at the trees.

Around the corner of the house is the person who probably drank it all. She lays there day in, day out ;)

In 1838 a French whaler arrived here and it became a French settlement. Therefore there was a French festival today with baguettes, berets and French flags.

You could have a rest anywhere and have a magnificent view

Isn't this a great spot to have your lunch.

I think I retire in Akaroa sight. We buy a little fishing boat for my husband and a little cottage with a veranda where I can write or read a good book. Deal

This is the view when we had lunch and a bird came flying by just in the right time.

Hubby enjoying a nice cold beer

and I got my lips painted ;)

Two cute kiwi lambs

We took a different route home. From here we had to go over a gravel road, looking down in the deep valley. But it was worth it. What a view

 The dark blue water is where the ocean starts. The patches in the water are mussel farms.

The colours are stunning everywhere. What a paradise. What a day. What a great weekend we had.
I am so grateful!


  1. Hi Marja - fantastic photos - your daughter is a star in the firmament .. what a wonderful way to celebrate poetry and adding light - sustainability and social justice -- I couldn't agree more ... she does herself proud, as well as her happy parents - Happy Birthday and I can't wait to see her prezzie! Stunning - I'd love to visit Akaroa ... just beautiful. cheers Hilary

  2. The dark blue water is where the ocean starts. The patches in the water are mussel farms.

    Stunning! I save this picture for my personal collection on my computer. When I get bored I have a couple of hundred of different pictures that I like to look at.

  3. What a beautiful scenery and landscapes you have there! Excellent photo's. Ik begin ineens in engels te antwoorden, verwarrend. Ik zie dat je de echte "Hollandse" patatjes met mayo kunt krijgen daar yummie.

  4. Such a beautiful place and lovely photos. Can't wait to go back there next month :)

  5. How wonderful it was to travel with you and the hubs, Marja. Such beautiful countryside. The lambs are adorable.

  6. Your daughter seems caring and creative just like her mom. Joy jumps out of this post in a wonder-filled way. In a world of strife, this IS paradise … complete with touches of imagination and the prettiest azure/blue water on the planet.

  7. I hope your daughter had a very HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  8. What a beautiful place, it looks like you had an amazing time!

  9. You are sounding so happy. Hubby getting better, a beautiful daughter and a lovely day out in the most scenic place. Hope everything keeps going so well.

  10. Hi Marja, i am browsing on your past posts to visit more of NZ that i haven't seen, and i guess what i saw when i was there are really samples of the whole sceneries in the country. I love all of your photos, and that made me want to be there to see more. Everyday and every patch there is like vacation. Thanks for your blogposts.

  11. Hi Marja.. such a wonderful place, and what better time spent with your daughter and Hubby.. sending healing thoughts over the airwaves too my friend.. and I hope your daughter had a wonderful Birthday.. you must be extremely proud parents..

    Love to you.. Sue xx


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