Sunday, 18 October 2015

A visit to christchurch city

I found these beauties at the salvation army shop this week. I love how the light plays with the glass on a sunny day.

My fairy has its own house and reads his fairy tale.
He never fails to leave a magic trail in our garden.

The blue pot was a great find and present from the universe. We went to a birthday and a few houses next it a pot was placed on a front fence with a note on it "Take pot for free" ....and mine it was. :)

The city centre slowly starts to take shape. Above is the bus exchange where all the buses come and go. love this one.

A new art work of a man feeding the cats. The little one loves the cats.

We've got someone to mow the lawn as well in the container start up mall

There are many building sites in the city. This construction is nearly finished. It is opposite the Avon river and will host some cafes I think.

There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them. Vicki Baum


  1. Wat fijn dat er al een paar nieuwe gebouwen te zien zijn. Het neemt tijd maar langzaam maar zeker komt er weer een stadscentrum. Die blauwe pot is heel leuk, zou hem ook meegenomen hebben.

  2. Hi Marja - I love the blue glass - just brilliant, then the blue pot - that was a good find ... lovely seeing what they're doing to the City centre - it'll be good when it's all repaired etc ... love the fun everyone's having .. cheers Hilary

  3. Beautiful blue glass and I really like the new artworks in Christchurch, it's something different.

  4. It great to see Christchurch being rebuilt. We hope to be there next year for a quick trip.

  5. Christchurch looks like a fun place to leave. I love cities that are people friendly. It reminds me of Greenville, South Carolina which has a main street with wide walkways and lots of little parks. It makes it so easy to relax and enjoy all that a city has to offer.

  6. Heerlijk als kunst gewoon op straat staat, zodat iedereen er van kan genieten!

  7. Gostei do blog.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

  8. I especially love the man feeding the cats!

  9. I like your updates on Christchurch and appreciate seeing how it is progressing after the quake. Looks like the building under construction will be very strong when completed. The artwork shows that whimsy is alive and well in the area. I also like your shortcut to happiness and the gift the universe gave you. :)

  10. Now great to see the city evolving into newness. Thanks for the update. Love the blue vase :)

  11. Always a treat visiting your blog Marja. I have a similar blue pot in my back yard and yours goes perfectly with your blue man. Blue seems to be your favourite colour at the moment eh?
    Dancing sure is a shortcut to happiness.
    Be well my friend.
    Lots of love
    Peggy xxxxx

  12. Lovely glass wear and Pots.. and that little fairy house.. Beautiful.. So good to see everything being rebuilt.. and you enjoying Sunny Days.. sending you love and Blessings.. Continue enjoying the warmth of the Sun and the smiles of loved ones.. Nothing better in life.. Love and Hugs dear Marja.. Sue xx xx


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