Sunday, 25 October 2015

West Coast of NZ

We drove through Arthur's Pass to the West Coast. I made a picture of the above as we talked on a photo stop to a structural engineer from Iran who came to NZ to help with the earth quake recovery. His NZ friend wanted to show him Otira Gorge Road which is part of Arthur's pass.

Otira Gorge Road is regarded as a top piece of engineering. To connect Christchurch with the gold fields on the West Coast a coach road was build. This part of the Road  was build in 1865 with picks and shovels. The photo on the left was made in the 1890's. The road hang on the rocks and I wouldn't have been brave enough to pass I think. Now the road is protected from stone fall and water and it goes steeply down into the little town of Otira.

On the lookout we met our friend the Kea. This alpine parrot is a NZ native. Where does his name come from........He always says keeeeaaaaa.

Arriving on the West Coast we drove to Punakaiki. It is famous for its pancake rocks. These sand and limestone formations were formed about 30 million years ago. The sea, wind and rain etched out the soft layers and created a master piece.

The blowholes didn't spew a lot as it was low tie. I just caught an effort of it spitting up some water bubbles which created a mini rainbow.

The wild waves crash into the castle of stone, The calming sound gets interrupted by the shrieking seagulls.

To see the spectacle of nature you climb the magical tower and from the top you stare at the wonders around you.

A bit further down the road in Punakaiki we walked a little part of the river track. Enough to give you
a good impression of the amazing landscape.

The sub tropical rain forest on the West Coast is marked by a lush green vegetation. The coast is covered with ferns and palm trees and mosses.....a paradise it is.

We love the fern trees. The leaves are painted with red, green and yellow to make you feel at home.

Te water of the river is calm and clear and it has the following effect on you: It creates a calm and clear mind.

Our stay for the night. The Blackball Hilton. Or actually the formerly Blackball Hilton as it was sued for carrying the name of the famous Hotel chain. Afraid they should be as this Hotel is a pleasure to be. It was build in the early 1900's in a little mine town 29 km from Greymouth in the middle of no-where. The mines are closed now but this little sleepy town has it's attraction. It's relaxing, silent and friendly. Blackball has lots of history. It is the birth place of the Labour party.

A pot with potions to  restore and revive your being......nah just a pretty picture

Open the doors of the Blackbal Hilton to see the mountains draped in a mysterious fog

A cute red cottage in Blackball. I could see myself sit on the porch and read my book.

Driftwood on the beach in Greymouth.This would make a niece garden piece but doesn't fit in the back of our car. :)

A return trip through Arthur's Pass.


  1. That is a beautiful trip you did. We did it some years ago and loved it. The pancake rocks are amazing and so too were the pancakes served at the cafe. We had to shelter in there from the rain. We stayed at Hokatika a lovely little town with friendly people.

  2. You live in a beautiful country with amazing nature. Those pancake rocks are so special to see. Had to laugh about the "Hilton" concern claiming there name in such a remote area.

  3. This alpine parrot is a NZ native.

    Saw a documentary on that very species and the efforts that went into saving it. It gave me some hope for humanity.

  4. Spectacular sights and views aplenty, what an amazing place!

  5. Thanks for sharing your adventure Marja, very interesting photos and descriptions. Hope William is improving every day.
    Take care my dear friend.
    Big heart hugs
    Peggy xxxxxx

  6. Wat een ontzettend leuk huisje, en pancake rocks is een erg passende naam. Ziet er erg indrukwekkend uit!

  7. Marvelous photography ~ great rocky coast, love the driftwood and that bird is sweet and beautiful!

    Wishing you a happy week,
    artmusedog and carol

  8. Great sceneries! I envy you folks living in NZ, everything there is beautiful for me. I was there for 21 days last Dec to be with my sister in Auckland. There was also a tunnel from Queenstown to Milford Sound which is also an engineering marvel, just forgot the name, but i was not able to photograph because the bus didn't stop at the other side. All the scenes you put here are awesome, how i wish to be just travelling and photographing in the whole of NZ!

  9. love your images. I visited NZ many years ago and loved it. Thanks for bringing me back in time :)

  10. That shot through the doorway is spectacular!

  11. What fabulous shots of that stunning scenery. And I love that red cottage!

  12. I so loved this journey with you Marja.. the rocks and the spray rainbow.. Magical.. all of it.. I so enjoyed you sharing it with us.. and yes water and certain places heal us in mind body and spirit.. So pleased you shared with us.. Love to you my friend xxx Big Hugs Sue xx

  13. i love your photos about NZ.
    Wish I could visit NZ one day.

  14. Hi Marja - what a great trip and Arthur's Pass is a pretty amazing route - we had similar in South Africa .. and I'm sure here ... those old days they were very hard working and very courageous ... lovely photos ... Blackball looks a delightful place to visit and stay - and as you say read a book in ... I love the geology too .. cheers Hilary

  15. Prachtig, wat heb ik genoten van je reis, temeer omdat het fijne herinneringen opriep van onze reis in Nieuw Zeeland al weer jaren geleden.
    De prachtige natuur, de Pancake rocks, Greymouth en de Arthur's Pass en die groene Kea's die je banden opeten als je niet oppast, zo bijzonder. Als het hier een beetje tegenzit of als we het gewoon te druk hebben, zeg ik altijd tegen mijn man: "Kom, laten we maar naar Nieuw Zeeland gaan".
    Groeten, Janneke

  16. Brings back memories. I visited NZ long ago and would love to go back. Thanks for sharing :)


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