Thursday, 14 July 2016

Roman day at Orientalis

I went to Orientalis a museum not far from where I used to live and which you can read more about here together with my mum and hubby. There was a Roman day so good reason to check it out. The roman empire started 27 BC till 395 AD

There were lots of crafts being shown like this man weaving a basket

In the Roman city we bumped into a Roman, wearing a toga . All roman citizens were required to wear a toga

and this maiden was lucky to be carried around by the Roman lads

Nothing better than freshly baked bread from the oven

The Romans were in the first place powerful because of its army. They conquered Britain up to the middle East.

Time for a drink from a terracotta jug

The soldiers usually line up in a tight formation, called testudo formation (meaning tortoise)

Soldiers spend most of their time training for battles but also built roads, fords and aqueducts.

My husband found his mission. he is now on guard


  1. Hi Marja - that sounds like a wonderful trip and Roman visit with your 20th century relatives - yes the Romans conquered to Limes Britannicus (round about Hadrian's Wall - which crosses the UK in the north) ... love your hubby guarding the Roman roads ... cheers Hilary

  2. Really interesting pictures. You must have had a great time.

  3. Ik ken dit museum helemaal niet, waar is het?

    1. Het is in de Heilige Land stichting Dat ligt tegen Nijmegen aan

  4. How interesting! I like te theme of each of your pictures: the toga outfit, the soldiers' training, the demonstrations of weaving and baking bread, your hubby ...on duty.
    Visiting an open air museum in summer is a very enriching experience.

  5. Is there a better kind of museum than one with baking bread? The Mississippi River Museum has figures like Mark Twain walking about when weather permits. The soldiers engaged in battle is beyond cool.

  6. Such a fun way to spend the day! They are so colorful and I can almost smell the bread baking! My hubby would probably end up in the same place!

  7. Marija,

    I will post the end results of tie dye when my shirt is done. The first time you wash and dry them , each shirt has to be done by itself. It takes a while to complete the process.

  8. Great event, Marja! Love the costumes and the fresh baked bread, and your husband is doing great as a guard:) Many thanks for sharing this event with SEASONS - welcome aboard:) And I see several have already commented! Have a great week and hope to see you back Sunday-Wednesday.!

  9. What a great Experience, it is almost as if you have been transported back in time.. I would have loved it here.. Fantastic photos Marja... I hope you had a wonderful time it looked such an interesting place to visit. Hugs Sue xxx


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