Sunday, 10 July 2016

Oia on Santorini

Another place ticked off my bucket list. We went for 5 days to Oia, a town on the cliffs on Santorini, a Greek Island. It promised to be everything I imagined.
I think of Oia; of the robust raven-black and red caldera,  resting in deep blue water
A white washed garment is draped on its slopes, decorated with dots of cobalt blue,
At night time a veil of orange and red lays down on the shadows
The warm glow calming the mind and engulfing you in exotic dreams
I think of Oia;  Impeccable views of masterly carved cubes appear around the corner when strolling the narrow, whimsically winding, stone step path ways. A breeze stirs the air while sunbathing on the terrace of a tavern. The taste of red wine, the sound of crispy bread, biting in the smooth, ripe tasty Greek olives while drinking in magical Oia   

Fun facts of Santorini
  • The official name of Santorini is Thira
  • Ancient Greek Oia used to be where Kamari is now and was one of the harbours of Thera
  • The island sits on a caldera of a massive vulcano
  • In 1956 the island was destroyed by an earthquake 
  • Santorini is named after a small chapel of Santa Irene. It was given by venetian crusaders in the 13th century 
  • Because of the vulcanic nature of the island there are white, red and black beaches.
  • There are about 15000 people living on Santorini (census 2011) on about 73 km2
  • Santorini has a prominent wine and tomato industry

Oia is the most beautiful town and a paradise for photographers. So I had a fabulous time making these pictures.


  1. Years ago I visited the greek island of Rhodes and from there a one day trip to Santorini. I wasn't so impressed by it at that time, but your stunning pictures make me believe I've missed its beauty.
    You have a very good eye for photography. I like all the pictures: the gift shops, the churches, the donkey, the plate with local food(cheese, olives, bread...).

  2. Heartbreakingly beautiful! The volcano aspect is a stunning reminder that this precious gem is with us now but its future, as all our futures, is not yet written.

  3. Again awesome pictures! Some day I want to visit Crete and see the bronze Age palace at Knossos.

  4. Prachtige reclame for Santorini Marja, als ik deze foto's zie wil ik er prompt ook heen. Ben er nog nooit geweest, maar wie weet.
    Groetjes, Janneke

  5. Het ziet er idyllisch uit, helemaal geen bootvluchtelingen gezien?

    1. nee helemaal niet alleen veel boot mensen. Er waren grote cruise schepen die busladingen met mensen eruit gooiden Iedere keer kwam er een groep van zo'n 30 mensen met een nummer opgeplakt. Dan moest je wegwezen want dan waren alle straten volgestouwd

  6. Wow! What a place and what beautiful photography!

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  7. I agree with you, it is a paradise for photographers, and your shots are all amazing. I wish to go there too, hopefully still in this lifetime. I hope the volcano will not burst out yet.

  8. Lucky you! Love your bright, colourful, crisp and clear photos.

  9. Definitely on my bucket list. Lovely shots.

  10. Wanted to go to Santorini when staying for 9 days in Athens, but a big storm came up, when the boat would go we went to Phoros (the closest to Athens).
    Would love it if you would join SEASONS, like you said. The photo link runs from July 17-20 - every Sunday through Wednesday 7 pm, USA Pacific time.
    By coming Sunday-July 17 I have moved to the next blog, since I'm running out of space, and the new url is artworksfromjeshstg at wordpress (dot) com The title of the post is SEASONS - July Favorites. Great to see you there, then!

  11. Thank you for the interesting information about Santorini!

  12. So beautiful Marja such a stunning sunset The greek Islands are beautiful, I spent one week in Rhodes and it was beautiful where we were.. This Island also looks a place of beauty Can not believe I have missed so many of your posts my friend xx Summer here as flown by all too quickly.. Thank you for sharing Santorini xx


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