Sunday, 3 July 2016

zaanse Schans

On my visit to Holland we did a few touristy things. We went to the very popular Zaanse Schans which is close to Amsterdam. Me and my 84 year old mum tried some clogs on. There is a wooden shoe museum and shoe workshop in the Zaanse Schans

The Zaanse Schans is a free open air museum which shows you how the people lived and worked in the Zaan district in the 17th and 18th century. The characteristic green houses are from different towns in the Zaan district. They had to go in the name of development and were moved to the Zaanse Schans.

The houses are all in use and there are some gorgeous shops inside. 

You walk over bridges and paths and roads to admire the beautiful architecture and gardens.

The chickens aren't from the 17th century, although it is thought that they were able to jump on tables and chairs as well in that time.

They are all beauties aren't they? In the front you see a pollard willow which are very common in Holland along the water side.

The Zaan district was one of the first industrialised areas in the world. In the 17th century there were around 900 windmills. There are about 10 working windmills left.

A shop full of Dutch sweets

The shop is surrounded by land where the sheep peacefully graze. A delightful place even when the weather is very Dutch or rainy. Afterwards we drove to Enkhuizen. More about that later ;)


  1. Wat een fraaie serie foto's en wat moet het fijn geweest zijn om je moeder zo dichtbij vast te houden. Je moeder zal het ook geweldig hebben gevonden om jou zo dichtbij te hebben. Ik denk dat je haar heel gelukkig hebt gemaakt. Veel lieve groeten voor jou en je gezin.

    1. Dankje Herman en ja ze was helemaal blij

  2. Wat een leuke plaatjes..en wat lijk je op je moeder..Een feest zo samen..:)

  3. Certainly beautiful architecture and gardens in the Zaan district Marja. Loved reading your commentary about the photos too.
    Take care dear friend and big heart hugs.
    Peggy xxxx

  4. What a lovely place to visit. Love the big shoes--they can make anybody smile! I had no idea there were so many windmills there at one time, although I knew there were many. The fact that some are still working is quite a feat.

  5. You and your Mum, with the big yellow clogs on your feet, look wonderful. Your visit to Zaanse Schans area is a day well spent; lovely houses and landscape! Holland's famous icons, windmills and clogs, are always a nice sight. Looking forward to your next touristic episodes.

  6. Een prachtige serie foto's van de Zaanse Schans. Zonder toeristen, op jullie na dan, is het een prachtige plek in ons koude natte kikkerlandje. Zo te zien hebben je moeder en jij best pret gehad met die grote klompen en jullie lijken precies op elkaar, een foto om te koesteren als je ver weg in Nieuw Zeeland bent.

  7. Very pretty and I have somehow always found windmills romantic. Have a great time.

  8. What a charming area, and how nice to visit it through you.

  9. Oh Marja, how lovely to see you and your Mum enjoying!. And I so loved the photo shares, such beautiful buildings and I would love to get lost inside some of those shops,
    What a wonderful place. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Love Sue xx

  10. Dat is leuk een toertje toeristisch Nederland doen. Eigenlijk doe je dat nooit als je hier woont, het is eeuwen geleden dat ik daar geweest ben. Je moeder ziet er geweldig uit, zou niet gedacht hebben dat ze al 84 jaar is.

  11. Awesome pictures! The countryside looks so tranquil.

  12. Wat een mooie foto's van karakteristieke huisjes en plekjes in de Zaanstreek! Heel sfeervol!

  13. Beautiful green houses. Pity that they had to go.Your mother seems to enjoy the trip very much!

  14. Wat een bijzonder plekje, ben er nog nooit geweest. Leuke foto van jou en je moeder!

  15. Wow, a beautiful series! About the Gaper - I always wondered about the turban - thanks for clearing that up for me:) Your brother hanging the laundry is priceless! Now (since 2 years) we live in the woods and we have a gas dryer, not an electric one (gas is very expensive here -people have gas tanks! and septic tanks -thankfully we do have electricity) - all that to say is I am hanging my clothes to dry outside like in the old days:)
    Thank you for visiting me -how did you find my blog? Groetjes!

  16. I think I am all caught up again now Marja.. It was lovely spending time browsing through all of your photos with you.. You have been to some wonderful places.. Sending Love to you and yours as Spring now gets underway..
    Love Sue xxxx


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