Saturday, 9 July 2016

Zuiderzee Museum or Southern Sea Museum in the North of the Netherlands

I always wanted to go to the Zuiderzee museum or Southern Sea  museum and so we did. The Zuiderzee was an inland sea in the northern part of Holland. It arose as a result of floods. In 1932 they build the afsluitdijk. The inner dike section was now called Ijsselmeer. When going to the parking for the Southern Sea museum you continue by boat which brings you to the museum. Along the way you see all these gorgeous sailing ships.

Enkhuizen is a place along the IJsselmeer It always used to be the centre of the herring fishery. Today it is a popular tourist destination also because of the Zuiderzee museum, which was founded in 1948.

 My brother in the Zuiderzee museum hanging the washing ;)
 Inside the houses volunteers demonstrate how life used to be and this lady is preparing a fish meal.
The Zuiderzee museum preserves the housing, customs, traditions and maritime of the people who lived around the Zuiderzee.
 Of course there were living  many fishermen along the Zuiderzee and you see nets everywhere.
De Gaper is a picture of a man, who has his mouth open or sticks  his tong out. In the past you would find it as a quality indicator outside a pharmacy. The mouth is open to take medicine. The characters sometimes have turbans which suggested that medicine was often of oriental origin.
 Some shops along the canal. On the left Corner you find a traditional bakery. it was opened in 1877 as a cake and pastry shop in Hoorn  and it was moved to the Zuiderzee museum in 1978.
Next door you find the "  Apotheek de Groote Gaper"  where you can find the above "Gapers"

 A warm cup of coffee and a nice view gets you back up your feet again.
On the way back another view of an amazing sailing ship.


  1. Thanks for this informative, interesting post.
    Judging by your pictures, the Zuidersee museum is a 'must see' attraction. The sailing ships and the fish nets in the area ,remind one of Netherlands' grand maritime and fisheries' history.
    The photo of the lady volunteer in the museum, demonstrating the preparation of a fish meal - is priceless.

  2. Leuke reportage. Het is goed dat ze het historisch verleden hier bewaren, alles verandert zo snel.

  3. I didn't realise you were in Holland. It must be great to visit your family and these beautiful museums. I have scrolled through the posts that I missed. I hope you have a great time.

    1. I already returned. Just sorting out my photos now :)

  4. What a fantastic series of this lovely place. The ships are really awesome to see. The village looks so quaint and quiet.

  5. Great pictures! I actually visited Holland in 1987. Of course I was there with the U.S. Army and didn't get to see much of anything.

  6. Such a great share.. Loved all of those photos, so very interesting.. I remember washing lines filled with white toweling nappies when my children were babies.. Unlike the disposable ones of today :-)


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