Saturday, 19 November 2016

A stroll in Christchurch city

Christchurch rebuild is starting to become visible. The first shops are open and new building are taking shape. In about 5 years it will be a proper centre again and by the time we retire, in about ten years I expect the city to be ready. Good timing lol. Anyway it was nice to get some distraction

As you see business as usual in Christchurch. The people in kaikoura will have a hard time for a long time as they have no water and the sewage system is broken. Decease can easily develop. Our hearts are with the them. They have made a route where only the army trucks can go and they bring supplies to the people.
Tourist are getting flown out and some will be be taken out by an army ship.  The big cleanup and the repair of the roads is going to take a very long time. Here is a special feature from the Press: The mountains moved

Hagley park is as beautiful as ever. When we go into the city we always take stroll in the park first.

Since a few years there is a coffee shop in the middle of the park where you can chill and have a drink.
The extending part of the building is the nursery for Hagley park. 

Everything is in bloom in the rose garden and the smell mmmm

This is a part of my favourite building; the art centre which has opened again.
The art centre used to be a university and it's first part was build in 1870.

The great Hall was originally build in 1882 and has been restored and reopened again.

The cafe just opened which is another step forwards. Any further development can be seen on 

New art pieces appear everywhere like this bathing figure sculpture

This shopping centre in Cashel Street is nearly ready and the coming months shops will move in

These  shops opened a few days ago which makes the city come alive.

This is a design on a board as it is still in development. Looking good though

New steps to enjoy the sun. Opposite the Terrace is being build with cafes and restaurants and with a bank next door, where you can get the money to spend it again ;)


  1. Hi Marja - no mention of your recent earthquake ... how are those places now - good luck and all the best - Hilary

    1. Sometimes the behaviors of humanity are so self-destructive and yet when you see how we can rebuilt after devastation and destruction, it gives one heart to go on.

    2. Glad to hear things are getting into normal. To restore things takes time and patience; it seems the local people have them both when it comes to the well being of their beloved city. The yellow rose is heart-warming.

  2. Wat is het een mooie stad geworden, ziet er goed uit.

  3. Christchurch looks like a very comfortable and relaxed place. Great pictures!

  4. Marja your place is nice and very interesting for me. love from Poland

  5. What a lovely stroll you have taken your readers on around Christchurch Marja. I am looking forward to seeing it for myself early next year.
    Take care dear friend.
    Peggy xxxx

  6. Remarkable place. Thanks for the tour

  7. Most reassuring things are getting back to normal. Fast recovery it is. All in Christchurch are blessed!


  8. i am glad you shared such a wonderful place .the design is really so marvelous .art ceter is quite artistic from outside too .
    liked the shopping center here

  9. Prachtig Christchurch, wij waren daar nu 19 jaar geleden en heb er genoten. Zo leuk om een fototour van jou te zien, bedankt.

  10. Marja, how lovely to see the beauty of Christchurch coming into its own once more.

  11. I am glad it is being rebuilt .. a beautiful city. I forgot At first that it was almost summer for you and that gorgeous rose surprised me until I remembered where I was visiting!

  12. Things are looking up for Christchurch. We'll have to go again when it is all finished. Sad about the people further north.

  13. We visited Christchurch many years ago before the earthquake, Marja, and it was easily our most favourite NZ city. It was so sad to see the earthquake damage on TV and read many reports about the city afterwards. I do hope that the rebuilding is progressing well and that the people there are confident about the city's future...
    Many thanks for linking up with the Travel Tuesday meme, hope to see you there again this week!

  14. It's good to see that the city is moving along in the rebuild. I would be fascinated to watch it all happen.

  15. Hi Marja, The first one I thought of was you when the earthquake hit recently as you are in Christchurch on the South Island. My brother lives on the North Island so was not affected so hope all is well with you. Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful photos.

  16. I love these photos. It makes me miss our walks. Happy Anniversary to you and William! Please forgive me if I don't get by to celebrate with you today.

  17. What a nice and interesting posting. Also nice to see the "summer". It is cold here in Stavanger, -6C, so a day for woollen clothes.


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