Saturday, 3 December 2016

Christchurch preparing for Christmas

A real cool Kiwi Christmas song, which reminds us that christmas is coming up as in NZ it doesn't look as Christmassy as in Europe. Here most people go on holiday around christmas and spend time on the beach. There is some traditional christmas with Turkey on the table but most Kiwi's just have a BBQ. We will too and my brother is coming over from Holland and join us.

We discovered this Santa in the windows of Ballantynes

Another Father Christmas on the roof of the container startup mall. Have a good look as this is their last Christmas as the containers are going to be replaced by real buildings.

Another part of the new city mall open. On the right is going to be an open cafe and people can sit in the middle to have a drink. For now people can start their Christmas shopping. Christchurch is going to be the coolest city in the Southern Hemisphere

Christchurch has become very multi cultural and thanks to that we enjoy the influence from different countries. Today they held a Korean day on the square in Christchurch.  There was lots of dancing on modern Korean music

There was a lot of traditional Korea is wel, like these ladies in beautiful dresses

and this cutie pie


  1. Christchurch is going to be a fabulous city. Love the Korean girl.

  2. Hi Marja - look forward to meeting up with your brother - that will be a big treat to be together for Christmas. Certainly Christchurch is preparing for Christmas ...but the Korean Day looks to be fun ... love their clothes ... cheers Hilary

  3. I guess Sinterklaas get's pretty warm in that get-up!That certainly looks different from the 'Christmas lights switch-on' street party I went to in my town last night! I froze zzzzzzz.

  4. Het wordt inderdaad heel mooi, fijn dat het nu weer een gezellige stad wordt. Dat Koreaanse meisje ziet er schattig uit in haar jurkje. Veel plezier met je broer.

  5. Santa on the container is a funny sight. The video is also funny with that chubby boy interrupting the singer.At the end of it, however, we get a lovely song sung by both the boy and the singer.
    'Christchurch' is an obliging name. You've got to have all the festivities to honor Christ.

  6. I listened to the video and smiled throughout. How perfect when considering places where it isn’t the least bit wintry for Christmas but there is lots and lots of spirit still to be had. What better place to celebrate than Christchurch!

  7. "Cutie pie" reminds me of my daughter when she was small. Now she is a teenager and working hard to give me a heart attack.

  8. Marja, what a cheerful tour around some hopeful sights in Christchurch. It's funny, I was just thinking, when are we going to see a summery Santa, and there he is in your photo. It made me smile. Thank you.

  9. So much fun with Christmas shopping and Christchurch as shown was ready for it. Korean dressings are uniquely stunning!
    Merry Christmas Marja!



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