Monday, 5 June 2017

Steampunk festival in Oamaru and a beautiful drive through paradise

Listening to Eros Ramazzotti in the car while driving through paradise brought a tear to my eye.
Coming home and seeing  the news of the terror attack in London were 7 people died Among the injured is a young man from Christchurch. The love of this morning turned into pain and my heart goes out to all involved.  It is important however to keep loving and send out the light to fight the dark.

We drove  to Oamaru last Sunday to go to the steam punk festival. We just went to the market as we are not steampunkers we didn't go at night to the ball or the fashion show. Oamaru with its Victorian buildings is  the heart of steampunk in NZ. It has it's own steampunk museum and festival. So what is steampunk. It is hard to explain.
It is about mixing old and new
It is about high tech in Victorian time
It is about science fiction merged with steam power engines
It is about lace and top hats and clocks and uniforms
It is about Jules Verne and Dr Who

After we visited the market we had a drink with friends at the local brewery.
We took a detour home the next day. We have done that route before but  each time, in different season it looks different but equally stunning. This time we had a beautiful winter day.  Hope you enjoy the slideshow.


  1. Hi Marja - what a fun thing to do and explore ... I'd rather like to visit the festival and just look around. They had a lot of Steampunk at the London Olympics ... but this all looks amazing -so glad you had such a good time - cheers Hilary

  2. Dank voor de slideshow, je leeft toch in een prachtig land met al die vergezichten om je heen. Ben er jaloers op!

  3. Hi Marja - I forgot to mention the loss of your fellow countryman to the atrocity in London this weekend ... I feel for their family and friends ... with thoughts - Hilary

  4. Thank you for bringing this to us

  5. Oamaru - never heard the name. It seems an interesting, cool place with a display of great variety, creativity, weirdness.
    I've enjoyed the video; thanks for sharing.

  6. Such sad news about the London attacks and the other places that are being terrorised around the world. Two young Australian girls were among the dead in London. So yes please keep sending out light and love to expel this darkness.
    On a brighter note your video and photos warmed my heart and an excellent explanation about what Steampunk is.
    Celia normally goes to this event, did you see her there this year.
    Take care dear friend.
    Big hugs
    Peggy xxxx

    1. Yes I heard about the Australian girls So sad. No I didn't see Celia It was a very wet day and we only went to the market not to any of the big festivities which is more for the steam punk people. I did see Celia recently though on an event from the story tellers. She looked good

  7. Fabulous slide show. You live in the most beautiful country.

  8. Yes Marja what happened is awful. But at the same time we have to remember there are only a portion of those who are creating darkness, while the media home in and create more fear with not promoting good news as well..
    I loved that you shared so many wonderful photo's and loved your slide show.
    Did you see the large Orb on photo 24.Over the water??? :-) Wonderful xxx
    Love and Light my dear friend.. Looked a lovely trip.. xxx <3

  9. The ultimate in steampunk has to be Charles Babbage who tried to create a mechanical programmable computer back in the 19th century.

  10. The Steam Punk Museum was on our list of places to visit earlier this year and it was...definitely different! It's truly difficult to describe but I have always liked the 'unusual' and it was a fun visit for me.


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