Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Earth Whispers by Brendon Chilchrist

I love the work from Brendon Chilchrist an artist from Christchurch who makes video's  from beautiful places and amazing skies in New Zealand. Uncovering the hidden wonders, uncovering the beauty of New Zealand put on the screen.
The video underneath called Earth whispers is like poetry. you have to see it.


  1. Great artist! The views in his video are stunning, and the music is magnetizing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Each day my life is full, so many things waiting.....the video was too slow to load,(my computer) I just couldn't wait. If I get a chance I will come back? I'm sure it is wonderful!

  3. Beautiful and powerful. Thank you Marja.

  4. Just a wonderful share Marja.. Thank you xx


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