Thursday, 13 July 2017

spiral movement

for Poets United prompt movement

As I look back to where I was when I was young compared to where I am now I made a lot of progress and achieved quite a bit. There is still however a situation I find difficult to deal with. Guess what, that is exactly what keeps returning into my life.

Spiral movement

One day I stumbled over an
obstacle in my life and entered
the residence of my mind
to find myself in a room of darkness.
I nearly choked as I was
struggling and striving
reviewing and regaining control
I widened my circle of understanding
And moved up the spiral staircase
to the first level

One day I stumbled over an
obstacle in my life and entered
the residence of my mind
to deal with an identical issue
dressed differently
and after introspection and reflection
I applied my understanding
and moved up the spiral staircase
to the second level.

Repeatedly I find the same
problem around the corner.
Am I unable to pass the tests
in life or does it take a lifetime
and the spiral movement
to higher levels 
to master the tasks,
of an assignment,
I took on in this life


  1. I sometimes wonder the exact same thing. The perspective changes a little with age. I think it takes a lifetime. Marvelous poem.

  2. I cant tell you how COMPLETELY I resonate with this poem!!!!!!! Fantastic writing!

  3. I think we are born to ascend, especially for those spiral movements in life. Positive thrust for more experience and learning. A beautiful reflection.

  4. Some wonderful philosophical questions raised here

  5. I'm not sure life is intended to be obstacle as long as there is movement, there is life. I love your spiral staircase metaphor.. works beautifully.

  6. I imagine most of us can identify with this, at least in part. What a beautifully written poem Marja

  7. It is said that until you learn what truth wants you to learn, things recur. Wonderfully captured!

  8. It brings hope to know so many are on that spiral staircase,


  9. Hi Marja - I agree ... a great poem - and definitely one to remember as we all stumble across life as it goes - and boy does it go ... we learn, we learn again ... and so on - but I love the spiral thoughts ... tying ourselves in knots when perhaps if we relaxed all would solve the way forward or at least ease it ... cheers Hilary

  10. Indeed, it so often seems to work like this. Sigh. We can pass beyond certain obstacles,
    but there is one that keeps repeating and just seems to stick! I enjoyed the way you
    expressed this.

  11. The main thing is that you've found the right way to move up that spiral staircase and gain progress despite the obstacles on the way.
    Your lovely poem fits the description of "poetry in motion".

  12. I believe we are what we are and that acceptance is a powerful ally.

  13. Life is a beautiful wonder. I enjoyed how this poem is composed. The message to me: keep going.

  14. So easy to resonate with this beautiful piece. We continuously grow and evolve in this life and beyond....

  15. You are a clever writer. The poem sounds a bit sad to me. I hope you reach the top of the sriral without too many more obstacles.

  16. Yes I believe it takes a lifetime my friend.
    If we pay attention to the lessons life is teaching us, we won’t feel so lost. Our story will seem less like a series of disjointed events and more like a beautifully complex narrative unfolding before us.
    We will understand each setback, inconvenience, and frustration as something more than what it appears to be.
    Your poetry writing is very insight Marja.
    Peggy xxxx

  17. Am I unable to pass the tests...

    That is something I have been asking myself a lot lately.

  18. I like the way you write about the spiral movement. Even though it can feel like being back in the same place, the spiral is always moving upwards.

  19. I think we are all still climbing our spiral stairs dear Marja.. Still striding over our obstacles one step at a time..
    I find they come around when we have failed to see why they emerged .. When we learn from them and overcome them, they vanish..
    I often now stand back, and view them as not obstacles, but small gifts.. Seeing why they have come, and what they have come to teach?
    Learning then to view their lessons in a different perspective also helps them dissolve into nothing.. For I often make mountains out of mole hills.. Learning to Laugh at the petty things which trouble us.. And give thanks for the Blessings we have, has taught me a whole new perspective of seeing how the world works in circles..
    <3 xxx


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