Wednesday, 25 October 2017

A musical journey

Prompt: Journey for Poets United. Nothing better than going on a journey. In the past I have taken a poetic journey to places, through life and today I go on a musical journey.

A musical journey

Restless I tread on the cobblestones of life.
My weathered heart wishing for the gentle
call of music. A slow pulsing rhythm invades
me and my ragged edges become smooth,

like the surface of the calm sea. Tenderly
drifting back and forwards till the swelling
sea collides with the golden sand,
the place where my soul resides.

Oh, divine music, direct me on a
journey to the magic of yester-year.
The time when the sun seemed
brighter, the hues warmer, the delight

deeper. An aching wistful harmony,
hypnotises me, moves me to a place
where the pain of longing reaches into
quiet rapture, a world beyond words,

enwrapped with peace, filled with passion,
enshrined with the magic of coming home
Oh divine music, direct me on a journey,
to unlock the beauty of life of being alive.


  1. Your poem, a call to "divine music" to direct you on a journey to the magic and beauty of life - is very impressive with Bach's music in the background!

  2. Nicely done!
    Music is one humanity's true accomplishments.

    1. I agree Ron where would we be without music

  3. Je gedicht tezamen met de muziek van Bach hebben me ontroerd, geweldig Marja.

  4. Hi Marja - lovely to come across this this morning ... wonderful words put to verse with Bach's music in the back ground ... a delight to be here - cheers Hilary

  5. Loved your words. Music does have the power to take us back in time to when it was divine!

  6. A journey into "quiet rapture, a world beyond words," is divine indeed! SO beautifully penned, Marja.

  7. Just being alive is a beauty, I like that! Wonderful.

  8. I loved reading this with the music, the words and music harmonised so well.

  9. Marja, that was a beautiful poem to read to the enchanting music you have chosen.
    "Oh, divine music, direct me on a
    journey to the magic of yester-year."
    Music has that capability.. I often listen to Celtic music and it transports me to just the right kind of places, way way away from here..
    Thank you for transporting me upon my own journey here today Marja

  10. When rhythms come, ragged edges go! Let there always be music!

  11. Music is a wonderful way to direct one on the journey of finding the wonder in being alive. I resonate with the nostalgia in this piece, Marja. I feel it, too, most especially in autumn. A beautiful poem!

  12. Music always allows many escapes and journeys while lost on its moments..

  13. "A slow pulsing rhythm invades
    me and my ragged edges become smooth . . ."
    Ah! It sounds and feels like the journey has begun! Thanks for the "air" too.

  14. How well this read, especially "enshrined with the magic of coming home". There was so much to like in this poem.

  15. Perfect music for this poem. Has such a sound of yearning in it. I feel that 'aching, wistful harmony.'

  16. I would wish for such a journey as well! Music sometimes can work magic.

  17. a beautiful poem and piece of music. One can lose themselves in music.

  18. Beautiful music - like a poem, and your poem - like music, did indeed me take me on a journey. Bach is the ultimate composer, Marja, and with his music our journey in this world is made better.


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