Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Christchurch, an amazing city in the making

It is exciting to walk through our city again which was completely destroyed by the earthquake in 2011. Here a glimpse of Christchurch. There are still lots of exciting developments going on so in a few years time it going to be the best city in New Zealand. The Christchurch Cathedral is going to be restored as well but that might take a long long time.

A big part of my favourite building is being restored. Art shops have returned to the Art Centre and an exhibition from the university has been set up within the centre. It is starting to become alive again.

The city mall is developing fast and this is one of the modern buildings which is ready. Each time you go to the city there are new shops and new parts of the mall completed.

It looks like a real street again where new meets old as some buildings are ultra modern and some have been restored

Inside this building there are two cafe's curled around a big white artificial tree

Another new development which will house a cafe soon

Christchurch is however much more than this discover some pockets of awesome


  1. Loving the new developments.. very exciting and I try and walk through the Centre regularly...

  2. Hi Marja - it's fascinating to see how much work has been done - it's interesting architecture .. that middle photo is eye catching ... thanks for showing us - cheers Hilary

  3. Een geluk bij een ongeluk: Ze bouwen er nu prachtige opvallende nieuwe gebouwen, dat heeft ook wel wat. De eerste foto doet mij herinneren aan de tijd dat wij in Christchurch waren lang geleden. Volgens mij hebben we daar de wizard of Christchurch gezien en gehoord, haha.
    Groetjes, Janneke

  4. Wow what stunning photos dear Marja!

    Loved the Mall most ,amazing looking building

  5. Het ziet er mooi uit, er is hard gewerkt om weer een winkelcentrum te maken. Gelukkig dat het puin nu allemaal weg is. Het levert ook weer mooie moderne gebouwen op.

  6. That's very good news. I like the city mall building; its design stands out.
    This is the true spirit of mankind - to rebuild and renew, regardless of the efforts and of the unknown future.

  7. Great to see the changes happening. What a devastation it has been. New life being being pumped into the city centre is a wonderful step forward in the rebuilding of this lovely city. Thanks for sharing those awesome photos.

  8. The rebuilding is good to see. I remember how I first found your blog … the earthquake had just happened in Christchurch and because the west coast of Canada, where I am, is part of the same ring of fire such catastrophes are always of special concern. You’ve done a fine job of showing the incremental steps of recovery over time, and in a way that’s a testament to the resolve, creativity and resilience of mankind. Thank you for sharing the process!

  9. How great to see the progress that is going on in the city. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

  10. Wonderful to see this fine city being rebuilt, Marja. I guess all the new buildings are being built with extra precautionaly building measures for earthquakes...
    Thank you for joining the Travel Tuesday meme. I Look forward to more of your posts!

  11. Wow, so lovely to see how Christchurch is now looking and so good to see these exciting buildings..


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