Monday, 16 October 2017


Photo Prompt portrait

As part of heritage week this gentleman walked around with a lady, at the Christchurch Art centre,  as icons of a different time. They were acting and he had a posh accent as well. I found him and the lady quite amusing and intriguing. I cropped him out and made a portrait in Picasa.
Apparently he was representing Ernest Rutherford a New Zealand born physicist who became known as the father of nuclear physics.
He studied at the Canterbury college till 1895 which is now the Art Centre. In the Art Centre you can visit the Rutherford Den where you can learn about the science of Rutherford and his peers. 


  1. There must be something is the New Zealand air that produced the brilliant Ernest Rutherford who I think would have been quite pleased to see such a fine representation of himself. :)

  2. Your picture reminded me of something that I wish they would do again. Way back in the early 1970's I remember a television show that appeared on the public educational channel that consisted on men and women dressing up as famous people throughout history and discussing their various eras. One show I remember had Einstein talking with General U.S. Grant from the Civil War.

  3. That's a great edit, Marja. We have visited Christchurch three times, all of them before the earthquakes. I do hope that rebuilding and restoring is progressing well. It used to be an amazing city!
    Thanks for taking part in the "My Sunday Best" meme.


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