Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Amond Blossom

Prompt Poets United: Almond blossom Vincent van Gogh

Almond Blossom

Almond blossom
Pretty petals painted with 
graceful, gentle brush strokes
The fuel of love poured out on
canvas, creating a blush of bliss
The alchemy of paint turned into
artistry by Vincent van Gogh
A man feeling so deeply that
it overflowed into his work
emptying all of his soul
A man feeling so deeply
his light disappeared
into a black hole

Almond blossom
a tribute to 
Vincent’s brothers
new born child, a 
pure presentation 
delicate with white delightful flowers
An awakening to all sweetness
of Spring. Twisting twigs
reaching out towards the world

calling you to adore them,
contrasting against a turquoise sky
so pleasing to the eye, 

that heavens open,
wind holding its breath and
joy sprinkles on the souls
witnessing this work
Depicting love and beauty
are at the core of life

Vincent has always been one of my favourite painters so here a treat for me and hopefully for you.

First of all a link to a YouTube video about Vincent's life  The story    

Secondly a beautiful song by Don McLean, very poetic, with the title referring to my favourite painting 



  1. Hi Marja - beautiful poem ... I've loved seeing the various articles, films being produced about him ... I saw the film 'Loving Vincent' when I was out in Canada ... just so creative ... as is your writing - cheers Hilary

  2. Wonderful background on the artist. His light disappearing into a black hole is very apt. I could feel the brushstrokes on canvas. Hopefully while painting this he felt some peace.

  3. Poor Vincent painting so much innovative work only sold one painting of over 900 he painted before his death. How beautifully you described him and his work.

  4. A man feeling so deeply
    his light disappeared
    into a black hole... that's so nicely put!

  5. The world became a poorer place the day Van Gogh's light disappeared into a black hole.

  6. This is such a pleasant write and also a beautiful homage to Vincent Van Gogh. "A man feeling so deeply / his light disappeared / into a black hole"--This depicts the man.

  7. "blush of bliss" Lovely, and it comes through, especially in part two.

  8. You obviously know and love van Gogh so well, Marja. I too have a great fondness for his work; I have done since I was a teenager, when my mother gave me a book about him.

    What I like about your poem is that both stanzas start with ‘Almond blossom’, reiterating the subject of both painting and poem. I love the phrase ‘a blush of bliss’ and that you have included a little factual background to the painting. I also like the coincidence of us both using the word ‘artistry’.

  9. Nice, how you juxtapose Vincent's sad life with all the beauty he painted. He truly does bring joy to the soul.

  10. I too luv his work. He, truly is a charitable soul. Your poem is beautiful

    much love...

  11. You have captured the artist and his work. Beautifully done!

  12. That;'s my favourite painting too, and I love the Don McLean song ... but the almond blossoms are so very beautiful as well, and you have written of the painting so tenderly, including details I hadn't known. I have bookmarked thatYoutube to play later. Many thanks for all of this.

  13. What a happy poem. I enjoy Van Gogh too. 'Twisting twigs/reaching out towards the world/ - very evocative.

  14. This is one of my favorite songs too. So much heartbreak in the music.

  15. That's a good one marja! I like the lines "creating a blush of bliss" and "feeling so deeplythat/it overflowed into his work" enjoyed that, thank you

  16. Everyone else already seems to like "his light disappearing into a black hole." I do too. Despite agreeing with other readers, I guarantee I'm not a bot. ;-)

  17. "A man feeling so deeply
    his light disappeared
    into a black hole"

    Such a perfect description of Vincent, one of my favorites as well. Always loved that song, but it brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. Gorgeous writing, Marja!

  18. Your poem is wonderful Marja.. Perfect for Vincent.. We need more poetry and beauty in the world, and I can understand the depths he must have felt.. <3 Sending love your way.. I hope you are well, and thank you Marja for your lovely comment.. <3

  19. Van Gogh's paintings are innovative ….beautiful....
    Thank you for sharing the video with.... nice song.

    # I enjoy read your poem
    Have a wonderful weekend


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