Friday, 26 April 2019

From Christchurch to Dunedin

My husband wanted to go and I offered myself up to accompany him. We have been out a few times this year. We prefer to collect memories instead of things ;)

 Riverstone castle A house build like a castle just before Oamaru

Riverstone gift shops

Shag Point is at an hour before Dunedin and home to a big fur seal colony.

From the picnic area at Shag Point you look down at the rock formations were many seals were

View from our stay in Portobello on the Dunedin Peninsula

Night sky

Dunedin Peninsula

Walk to the pyramids in dunedin peninsula

Basalt rocks

Victory Beach is the longest and most beautiful beach in the Otago Peninsula. On this beach a ship named Victory was grounded in 1861. 

Victory Beach

At the settlers museum in Dunedin


  1. Hi Marja - sounds like a wonderful idea ... and accompanying your husband even better ... great memories are made like this - and lots of potential blog posts?! Cheers Hilary

  2. Een mooie tocht, prachtige foto's!

  3. Stunning shots! These views of places you visited with your husband are worthy of any grand box of memory jewels.

  4. Sights to remember and cherish: the rocks, the seals, the pyramids, the night sky. I totally agree with you about collecting memories.

  5. We don't get down your way often but I remember seeing the sign for Shag Point and being surprised by all the seals!

  6. Hoi Marja! It's been a while since I saw your blog. New Zealand is so beautiful! Groetjes van Miss Footloose from lifeintheexpatlane

  7. great castle...
    Thank you for sharing beautiful series of photos

  8. Looks like you spend your time fantastically! My favorite picture is the night sky :)

  9. And what a set of beautiful memories you have collected too Marja.. LOVE that sky.. <3

  10. Your photos are just gorgeous! Some day, we will be able to get to that part of NZ and take our time looking!


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