Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Awake from your coma

Poets United Prompt The food we eat

Wake up from your coma

Are you, the food you eat?
I vanished behind a veil
as food saved me from living
it rubbed the edges of my anger
it swiped the sadness from my mind
it numbed my precious passion
Crispy bread with creamy cheese
pomodoro pasta, velvety wine
and chocolate oozing caramel
had softened me into content

Till it was time to wake up
I fought to to be free from
the fixation with food and
faced an army of feelings
I conquered them with calmness
I found peace beneath the pain
I found lost dreams
where a pauper is prince
ruling the kingdom of his life

Awake from your coma
enter a room of gratitude
stack first world
problems in a corner
Line up thoughts
to match your soul
Toss the coin of perception
Throw windows wide open
Let in the wonderful world
and embrace it all
dark and light
defeat and victory
Lean into your challenges
Let it scatter you to pieces
and rebuild yourself
with your soul as centrepiece
as your sage resides here
It is made from soft love
the sort that makes you smile


  1. Your wonderful poems always give me food for thought Marja and this one is no exception.
    You my friend have excelled yourself!
    "Lean into your challenges
    Let it scatter you to pieces
    and rebuild yourself
    with your soul as centrepiece"
    Namaste and love
    Peggy xxxxx

  2. PS It certainly made me smile.

  3. Wow! The poem itself enchanted me awake. So lovely and deep. Sometimes to be numbed by luscious food is exactly what I want, and sometimes I deliberately eat beyond numb to rebuilding self. The photo and title together prepared me for this feast.

  4. I love the ending of this thoughtful poem

  5. I'm thankful that gratitude can help us out of the coma, the trauma, of daily living.

  6. Marja, it is lovely to see you, and I LOVE your poem. That is a wonderful journey, from pain into re-entering the world. I love the advice in your third stanza. When we live in gratitude, we have Enough - of everything. Lovely.

  7. Beautiful words to show the transition from one mood to the next..under the veil can be a very dark place..

  8. Soft love! Who wouldn't want that. Just who is not in love with the food they eat?! A great poem Marja.

  9. I love how one gradually rebuilds from pieces. Food is a great healer. Also love the title & message of embracing all. Beautiful.

  10. Love this, Marja. It has humor in its message.


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