Friday, 3 December 2021

The Port Hills


The Port Hills

The lined faces of the Port Hills invite me
Slivers of light embrace me with soft arms
A cry of a black backed gull pierces the sky
and disperses the aloneness like mist

I proceed over the glowing hills covered with
strands of tussock combed to one side
The hills have turned their backs to the mundane
do not care about should and shouldn’t

The hills hold out a promise of harmony
leading me on a trail into a pocket of bush where
the leaves answer with a rustle to the whisper
of the wind, joined by the song of a Bell-bird

I rise above the shadow onto rocks, ancient heroes
who once withstood red hot tongues of a volcano
I reach the rim looking down and drink calmness
when looking on a carpet of Azure blue mirroring the hills.

I am but a speck in this spectacle of beauty
which moves me, coaches me, centers me
when life has thrown me off balance,
My spirit connected like a deep-rooted tree


  1. I like the last stanza as it actually sums up the whole poem.
    The Port Hills ,remnants of a volcano which has erupted millions of years ago, are your favorite spot as their beauty gives your life the necessary direction and balance.

  2. A lovely poem that makes me wish I could be there myself.

  3. Beautiful scenery. I like how you have combine the picture with your life and made it so meaningful especially the last four lines. We are all specks in this universe!

  4. wonderful.... both poem and view...

    Happy new year

  5. Happy twenty twenty two my friend.
    Love reading your poetry and looking at your photos, you are so talented in both fields.
    Take care my friend.
    Hugs Peggy xxx


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