Sunday, 24 April 2022

Medicine for the soul and the body

My best medicine were people! My doctor of 24 years  retired and he really was both a healer for the mind and body. I wrote him a poem Only changed the first line

Healer of soul and body

You gave me medicine for my body and soul
You, a tailor of the cloak of the spirit
Master of the complexity of the fabric
of woven strands of flesh and blood
Threads broken and bruised
Mended with pills and injections but for all
with connections. Slender threads of your
presence woven into the life of your patients
Remaining in the unlocked chambers of the
heart, healing from the inside out

Now that you hang up your stethoscope
I hope the bright sky will spread out over you
(just as you have spread out your loving care
and laid your healing hand on men)
May the sun warp light on your self-forgotten
soul and light up a new path of discovery
Walk into the twilight of your life
where the muffled sound of a river is music
in a space of surrender into the grace
of a world which carries your colours


  1. How wonderful it was that you had such a compassionate and skilled doctor for such a long time. I hope he gets full measures of joy and relaxation in his retirement.

  2. Yes, may he enjoy his well-deserved retirement.
    You have written a lovely poem to a doctor, and perhaps a friend too. :)

  3. Yes, to a whole host of supportive people being the source of healing. You were fortunate to have such a good doctor since they are human and sometimes slip up in serious ways. That's when the rest of the people come into play.

  4. A good GP is a community treasure! Your tribute is beautiful. I hope his successor turns out to be just as good.

  5. This is a gorgeous poem, as I read it the second time ... found myself reading more into it.

  6. A very nice retirement tribute for your doctor.
    I always try to choose a doctor younger than me because then he probably will
    outlive me. Also because doctors can't possible read all the journals on the
    item updates they will need to know in order to treat you properly. The younger
    doctors have had these things condensed and will have studied them in their

  7. A lovely poem, I hope your doctor gets to read it.

  8. A great doctor you've described here. One who really cares. I hope his retirement is long and full of joy.

  9. Hi Marja - what a generous poem for your obviously wonderful doc ... just delightful to read - and I expect he's thrilled to have it by his side, as this new journey for his soul begins. Fabulous - thank you ... cheers Hilary

  10. Lovely tribute to you doctor. Happened to me last year...almost 40 years...devastating !

  11. Beautiful tribute to someone who used his life well. Fits with my Poets United post on the death of a great friend.

  12. This is wonderful, Marja. Many of the lines describe my primary doctor--she's incredible, makes my journey so much more bearable. Medicine for the body and soul, indeed...

  13. how stirring.... "healing from the inside out" I need that...

  14. That's interesting, as I believe people generally make me weak, deplete me of my energy. Fine tribute to the doctor!


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